Change Your Style: Uncommon Wallpaper Ideas for Your Rooms

Change Your Style: Uncommon Wallpaper Ideas for Your Rooms

Posted by Faith McMath on 14th Sep 2021

A big challenge with interior design is that it’s never really finished. Every room in your home will require an update refresh every few years to stay contemporary the times and reflect changes in your likes and dislikes.

While some of us jump at the chance to redecorate a space, many others don’t have the time or the headspace to give a room a total overhaul.

However you feel about it, changing your wallpaper is always a great option. The perfect designer wallpaper totally renews your space. In this article we take a look at some of the most exciting wallpaper ideas, from Chinoiserie wallpaper to ceiling wallpaper. 

Chinoiserie wallpaper

Chinoiserie wallpaper is part of a style of design from the 1600s where European painters and designers embraced east Asian and Chinese artistics themes.

The style was widely used in European art, architecture and furniture in the 1700s. It takes inspiration from Chinese patterns, asymmetrical forms and extravagant scenery. Combinations of blue and white are a classic Chinoiserie wallpaper theme, inspired by Chinese ceramics.

Chinoiserie wallpaper is a style that remains enormously popular today. These floral designs with a hint of the Orient will create a whole new look for your bedroom, living room or bathroom. 

Botanical Chinoiserie wallpaper   Black Botanical wallpaper

Our Chinoiserie wallpaper has been created by acclaimed botanical artist Carolyn Jenkins - see our blog for more information. It is a highly popular design in our range, as Chinoiserie wallpaper is so versatile and works in any room in your home.

Clouds wallpaper

Like Chinoiserie wallpaper, Cloud Wallpaper is a highly popular design in the Mineheart collection. Dreamy, relaxing and calming, it adds inspirational atmosphere to your home.

Ideal as a feature wall in your bedroom, a theme for a bathroom or a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

The range of colours each create a very different feel. Choose frompale grey clouds, smokey blue clouds, night black clouds and dusty pink clouds wallpaper. pale grey clouds, smokey blue clouds, night black clouds and dusty pink clouds wallpaper.

Pink Clouds wallpaper

Aesthetic wallpaper

Mineheart specialises in wallpaper designs that create a certain aesthetic in your home. We are well known for our vintage aesthetic wallpaper ideas giving a feeling of history and grandeur to our homes.

 In addition to the Chinoiserie and botanical wallpapers already mentioned above, we love wallpaper styles you might find in a country mansion or a stately home.

Our Morris Dream designs come in a variety of colours. They are a modern take on the classic William Morris designs from the 1800s. Perfect for a vintage aesthetic. 

Vintage Aesthetic wallpaper

For another approach to antique opulence, look at our range of panel wallpapers. These designs are the antithesis of flowery Chinoiserie wallpaper options, with their clean lines and simple look. Presenting an illusion of wood-panelled walls, these designs come in a variety of architectural styles. Look at the Victorian and Georgian options or choose something a little more medieval.

Panel and wood-effect wallpapers add a dramatic new look for your walls without the need for expensive joinery or remodelling.

Wood Panel Wallpaper 

If you’re seeking something truly uncommon, take a look at the Mineheart feather wallpaper collection. While feathers are a popular design for wallpaper, we took this style trend to a whole new level, involving exotic birds, sensual colours and enticing textures to create something new.

The sultry tones of our dark feather wallpaper design will add an intimate atmosphere to your bedroom or dining room… and where else would you find a rich blue feather aesthetic wallpaper than in the Mineheart collection? For a bolder, more vibrant design look at Peacock Feathers Pink or Natural Feathers Silver Green.

Blue feather wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper

Now here’s a quirky thought for you - ceiling wallpaper. It’s a fascinating idea when you start considering it. Michelangelo had the right idea: making your ceiling a feature is something truly uncommon and will wow every visitor to your home.

 There are so many options to consider when it comes to ceiling wallpaper - and Mineheart has many designs that will work wonderfully at the top of your room.

Will you go for plain walls and a vibrant ceiling, or extend a feature wall up and overhead? Ceiling wallpaper is a clever way to add interest to any space, especially if your chosen design isn’t right for your walls.

Ceiling wallpaper

[image credit Rebecca Moktar via Unsplash]

Designs that we think would be fabulous for a ceiling wallpaper display (in addition to the clouds wallpaper collection of course!) include our cast iron wallpaper, Chesterfield Button Back Wallpaper, the love letter wallpaper design and any of our geometric designs - take your pick! We’re predicting that ceiling wallpaper is set to be huge in interior design in the coming months...

Colourful wallpaper

Many wallpaper designs are deliberately bland, creating a neutral background or theme for a room. Yet, like us, Mineheart fans are far from bland and neutral! We love to provide something colourful, different and inspiring for your home.

Explore our wallpapers by colour to find the perfect pantone for any space. We have every shade covered: from bright and vibrant yellow, red and pinks to rich shades of blue, purple and green. Our botanical and Chinoiserie wallpaper is a great way to add colour to your walls. A pop of colour is also a great option if you’re considering ceiling wallpaper.

Yellow White Wallpaper

Easy yet unique transformations

The right choice of wallpaper will completely transform your chosen space - and ceiling wallpaper is no exception. The secret to getting a wallpaper update right is to spend time comparing the options. Get wallpaper samples of the designs you are considering - and make sure you examine them in different light conditions.

Some wallpapers will really come alive on a sunny day in a south facing room, while others are wonderfully welcoming in an evening setting, so do consider the times of day where you will spend the hours in the space.

Once you’ve completed your update, don’t be shy - we’d love to see the transformation. Tag us in on social media with your Chinoiserie wallpaper or ceiling wallpaper innovations!