‘Botanical Carolyn Jenkins’ Wallpaper Collection

‘Botanical Carolyn Jenkins’ Wallpaper Collection

Posted by Mineheart on 29th Oct 2020

Wallpaper huh, it comes, it goes, it comes back again, it goes again, then guess what?... Yes it comes back, only now it’s staying back and best of all BOTANICAL AND FLORAL WALLPAPER is right at the forefront. Wallpaper is no longer that awkward nuisance of a product to handle that it once was. With advanced substrates and incredible digital printing technology decorating your wall is a cinch and then redecorating it is also a cinch as the ability to remove wallpaper has advanced to with access to industrial level equipment in our own homes.

We are sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that the popularity of FLORAL WALLPAPERS has returned with force in recent times. FLORAL PRINT WALLPAPER is in fact the second most hashtagged wallpaper type on instagram for 2020.

So If you are a fan of the classics, floral is back. With sustainability at the forefront of everyone's mind Mineheart is also part of the ‘GOODS FOR GOOD’ initiative: 1 tree planted for every roll of wallpaper sold.

2020 is the year for bold floral and nature-inspired looks, BRINGING THE OUTDOORS IN and floral designs show no signs of slowing down into next year either, as new designs and collaborations are coming thick and fast throughout the sector.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper Floral Spring Wallpaper

With new designs and collaborations in mind Mineheart are launching an incredible new botanical inspired collection of wallpapers featuring the artwork of CAROLYN JENKINS. Carolyn studied art and graphic design in London and Bath. Having spent years working as an illustrator for publishing, advertising and graphic design companies her love for all things botanical took charge.

She is now a professional gardener alongside being creative. Illustrating and painting plants and flowers brings together her love of art and gardening. In 2011, she studied for a diploma in Botanical Painting at the English Gardening School. She has won two RHS medals for her botanical paintings at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Botanical Art Show including a Gold in the ‘Best Exhibit’ category.

“My botanical paintings have been beautifully composed into truly eye-catching designs.” Carolyn Jenkins.

Meadow Pattern Flower Wallpaper

The floral patterns combine an eclectic mix ranging from wild meadow flowers to classical English gardens and plant life. The collections draw inspiration from classical wallpaper, textile and print designs of the 18th century paying homage to great designers of the past including WILLIAM MORRIS and WILLIAM KILBURN in particular.

So some of you may be doubtful of taking the step into FLORAL WALLPAPER and are treading carefully, you're not sure about risking your houses’ existing style!? However we believe that there are so many reasons you should adopt floral wallpapers in your respective homes and very handily we have outlined a few reasons for you here;

Personality, emotions & nostalgia

This would undoubtedly be a much more unique and personal factor. When you see a flower how do you feel? When you see nature what do you long for? When you are enveloped by serenity where do you go? We would argue that these things largely always bring to the fore positivity, happiness and contentedness.

The emotions that are stirred by such things typically have an element of nostalgia involved also. Floral wallpapers just seem to execute this in a way few other stylings of wallcoverings do. It will make you feel bright and cheerful whenever you're lonely.

You can view our wonderful new botanical selection of wallpapers and see what memories or emotions these might bring to your mind.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Add colour, nature and the outdoors to your room

Floral design can be a magnificent addition to any environment giving it anything from a much needed explosion of vibrancy and colour to a feeling of escaping into nature and bringing the outdoors inside. Elements of nature and natural colours give our mind, mood and body a radical boost.

One of the many great things about adding a FLORAL WALLPAPER to your space is that it's made easy to choose a version for your room with such a huge palette of colours existing in the design options as derived from nature you’ll always be able to find a fitting match.

Beauty and the aura

Many people would say the most important and best thing you can give to a room is its aura. To invoke an aura that has the feel and the presence of nature and to add to that the vibrant colours of nature and a mood of naturalness. Floral wallpapers are so powerful to that end that the achievement of the required aura is practically assured.

Furthering your search for the right aura floral wallpapers are the perfect replacement for traditional wall decorations. However do not limit it to only wallpaper, you can also use some other floral notes such as floral CUSHIONS and curtain fabrics that will add a sensation of nature and the outdoors to your room.

Floral Spring Wallpaper Kilburn Wallpaper Kilburn Wallpaper

Be unique be be unique

So Mineheart has 15 NEW DESIGNS with Carolyn Jenkins illustrations available to order now totally exclusive to Mineheart but it doesn't end there, Mineheart is always designing, always collaborating, always bringing new items and fresh design to our lovely loyal fans and we are always on hand to work with you on CUSTOMISATION.

Whether it is a bespoke size MURAL WALLPAPER from our existing designs or maybe you are an interior designer or trade customer looking to work with us on a larger professional project or almost anything else related to interior furnishings Mineheart can work with you.

Unconventional room

Wallpaper can be a perfect way to create a beautiful room for a tiny, odd-shaped, or unorthodox room. You can also transform any part of your house differently from others. FLORAL WALLPAPERS make a lasting impression, whether small or not, in a place.

Adding wallpaper to an exciting area in your home is also a cheap way to add some serious design cred, as typically one or two rolls would do the trick.

Longevity & flexibility

Wallpaper can last up to 15 years and beyond, which makes it a cost-effective, durable way to decorate your room. It is generally accepted that properly hung wallpaper will last 3 times as long as paint.

Kilburn Wallpaper

A single FLORAL WALLPAPER design offers such versatility that the space, room, even house seemingly largely transforms to work with the wallpaper design and if it doesn't there will be an option of Mineheart floral wallpaper that most likely will. You can transform a space to suit your taste and styling with the right selection of wallpaper or you can transform a wallpaper to the same degree with its implementation in the space. Floral wallpapers, in general, are so versatile no matter what your existing space is like it will adapt to the design and themes.

Low maintenance

Minehearts Botanical wallpaper collection is suitable for commercial and residential use with product quality certifications such as: Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, exceeding all relevant British Standards. Fire rated to BS476 Part 6 and 7 (Class 1) and Euroclass B when adhered to suitable surfaces. Class ‘0’ to the British Building Regulations. Chemical resistance to temporary staining of oils, fats, mild acids and alkalis. Colour fast achieving excellent 7 out of 9 (ISO 105-B02). All in all its trusted quality made to last.


What can you see on your wallpaper?… what can’t you see on your wallpaper? Speaking more broadly for a moment you can create almost any wallpaper aesthetic you please, be it detailed rich WOOD EFFECT WALLPAPER, amazing MURALS or how about something with a 3D effect like the incredible WROUGHT METAL GATE WALLPAPER. So when it comes to floral and botanical wallpaper you can have amazing rich detail and an incredible palette of colours, part of why Mineheart teamed up with CAROLYN JENKINS, being able to do justice to her beautiful illustrations was paramount in our thoughts.

What next...

The best part about floral wallpapers is that you can design and decorate your room with either all these factors considered or just the elements that truly speak to you. No need to stop at wallpaper though, fabrics are another addition to finish your space and our friends at YORKSHIRE FABRIC SHOP have a complimentary range that could add that extra touch you might be looking for.

We hope you love the BOTANICAL COLLECTION with CAROLYN JENKINS as much as we do.