Orb of pleasure Yellow Man

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Orb Collection


Orb of pleasure Yellow Man - Printed canvas by Young & Battaglia

Orb of pleasure yellow man - A unique surrealism portrait taking a classical artwork and replacing the subject's face with a mysterious, glowing yellow orb. This unique yellow wall art is a great example of how Mineheart likes to approach wall art for your home. We work with artists who like to take a fresh look at historical art techniques and give them a quirky update - creating something totally new and thought provoking. In this Orb collection, artist Kirin Young plays around with classical portrait art. The big question he asks is whether it's still a portrait if you can't see the person's face...

In this unusual yellow art canvas, a man's face is totally hidden by an ethereal orange-white glow. It forms a lot of questions in our minds: What does the man behind the orb look like? Where did this strange glow come from? This surreal portrait is very hypnotic - and so it's perfect feature art for a prominent wall in your office or home. With many portraits the eyes follow you around the room - well, that's definitely not the case here! Instead, that eerie yellow glow keeps drawing your attention. Orb of Pleasure, Yellow Man is available in a range of dimensions, which means you can choose the right size for maximum impact.

There are four prints in our Orb Collection: Orb of Pleasure Blue LadyOrb of Pleasure Green LadyOrb of Pleasure Orange Lady and Orb of Pleasure Yellow Man. Maybe you'd like the full set for display as a mini gallery? Or might you match each edition to different rooms in your home? If you like this artwork but would like to customise it, perhaps into a unique size or with a different frame, we're here to make it happen. Take a look at our customisation page for more details.

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Orb of pleasure Yellow Man
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