The white sky XXVIII

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All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a fu…


All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a full refund.




The White Sky


The white sky XXVIII Wall art Designed by Stefano Bonazzi 

White Sky wall art is a beautiful and thought provoking piece of surreal wall art from Stefano Bonazzi. It depicts a man in a shirt and1 tie suspended above a rocky mountain landscape. His head is swathed in a spiralling silk head wrap. This ethereal image makes a striking piece of feature art. The suspended man captures your attention and leave you wondering. Is he alive? Is he moving? What force is carrying him and is he conscious of it? This artwork is part of the White Sky collection of canvas prints, each depicting a single figure in a lonely, rocky landscape, framed by a cloudy white sky.

Stefano says of these canvas prints: “I think that surrealism, like a lot of art in general, is a tool to express a range of emotions that you would not see through more conventional means.” Available in a choice of sizes to suit any space, this canvas print will add atmosphere and inspiration to your interior. The head wrap pattern will be mesmerising and hypnotic on your wall. 

Wall art featuring head wraps create mysterious images for your home. If you like rock landscaping ideas with a head wrap pattern  in your artwork this print is the perfect choice.   

About the collection 

Stefano Bonazzi’s surreal art canvases feature, in the artist's words: "Improbable girls wearing gas masks, businessmen in elegant suits or disturbed caricatures of vintage fairy tales - symbolic representations of a mutant status to which we all belong a little.” Stefano features numerous male head wraps in his work as well as rocky mountain custom landscapes. Read about Stefano's work and influences in this blog article

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Stefano's work spans many themes and styles, all of which nod to the surreal - a firm favourite style here at Mineheart. Many feature a black landscape, rock and sky.  Explore more surreal wall art in our collection. If you're looking to pair White Sky XXVIII with other images, take a look at the full White Sky collection. You might also like our range of Landscapes wall art

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