Lady Puzzled Portrait Purple Dress

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All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a fu…


All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a full refund.




Puzzle Faces Collection


Product available in below sizes:

  • Small     :   66.0cm (W) x   81.3cm (H) x 3.8cm (D)
  • Medium : 101.6cm (W) x 127.0cm (H) x 3.8cm (D)
  • Large     : 137.2cm (W) x 172.0cm (H) x 3.8cm (D)


All Mineheart wall art can be supplied to custom specification based on the options available on our Bespoke page

About the Product

If you’re looking for something unusual and captivating for your home, this purple girl art design will make an instant impact.

Created by Mineheart favourite Kirin Young, our series of art puzzle works are inspired by Renaissance portraits, fusing in modern art techniques to create something totally fresh.

In Lady Puzzled Portrait Purple Dress, four real 17th century portraits have been upcycled into puzzled faces that blend into a single visage.

Three of the ladies’ faces in this puzzle piece wall art are taken from paintings by Anthony Van Dyck, a famous Baroque artist who not only gained Royal endorsement from Charles I but also became well known for painting scenes from the Bible.

Perhaps it’s this fine artistry that makes this girl in the purple dress so appealing. There is something captivating about her rosy cheeks and slight smile - and the visual impact of her half-hat and blonde ringlets.

This colourful puzzle wall art will bring intrigue and atmosphere to any room in your home. Might it take pride of place as a piece of bedroom wall art?

Mineheart is famous for its innovative approach to art portraits that bring a new twist to the classics. Enjoy more abstract art puzzles in our collection, or explore other unique ways to embrace wall art in our blog on Wall Art trends.