Noble Barbara

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Available in stock or 1 week lead time when out of stock


All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a fu…


All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a full refund.




Dotty Noble and Pop


Meet Noble Barbara, one of three Rapunzel images in our collection, where classic portraits are given a major hair makeover. In this teal wall art design, artist Kirin Young has reimagined Barbara’s tresses to give her the full Rapunzel effect. If she lets down her hair, where will it end? It’s something you’ll always ask yourself when looking at this captivating piece of designer art.  In the fairy tale, Rapunzel’s hair is so long that a handsome prince could climb up it and rescue her from imprisonment in a tall tower. This series of pop art Rapunzel images is inspired by the legend, giving thick and lustrous locks to Renaissance faces. 

The lady in this portrait looks pleased with her abstract new waves, as she casually snacks on a selection of fruit. Her content expression is a pleasure to see and will attract lots of comments and compliments from everyone who spots her on your walls. 

Artist Kirin Young is the brains behind many of our most colourful canvases. He takes a unique approach in blending different art styles to create something totally new. We have a fast-growing number of unique artworks by Kirin in our collection, including the Pop Graffiti and Comic Strip series which are excellent options to complement this teal wall art design.

Noble Barbara would look wonderful in a gallery alongside her sisters, Noble Isabel and Noble Ana, or as pride of place above a mantelpiece or in a hallway. She is available as a stretched canvas either with no frame or a black floating frame. 

If you like these Rapunzel images, take a look at some of our other figurative wall art options.  Or, you can explore our full collection by colour. This is just one of our more colourful editions and a great example of teal wall art.  

Product Information

Frame Options and Sizes(All sizes are rounded to the nearest cm/ inches)

Float Frame

  • Size Option - 1  : (H) 30 x (W)  20 x (D) 3 cm / 12" x   8" Inches
  • Size Option - 2  : (H) 41 x (W)  30 x (D) 3 cm / 16" x 12" Inches
  • Size Option - 3  : (H) 51 x (W)  41 x (D) 3 cm / 20" x 16" Inches
  • Size Option - 4  : (H) 61 x (W)  81 x (D) 3 cm / 24" x 32" Inches
  • Size Option - 5  : (H) 91 x (W)127 x (D) 3 cm / 36" x 50" Inches

Real wooden ornate canvas frame 

  • Small       : (H)   76 x (W)   66 x  (D)  2 cm / 30" x 26" Inches
  • Medium   : (H) 117 x (W)   91 x  (D)  2 cm / 46" x 36" Inches
  • Large       : (H) 137 x (W) 107x  (D)  2 cm / 42" x 54" Inches

Print material specifications 

  • Print Material - 400gsm finely textured artist-grade cotton Canvas substrate 
  • Printing method - Giclée, Solvent inkjet

Eco credentials

  •  Printed using Water-based inks.
  • Sustainably sourced paper or wood
  • Local fulfilment reducing carbon emissions. 
  • Vegan-friendly - Contains no animal products.

Customisation :

  • Any of our wall art can be customised .i.e.size, frame type and colour or any other modifications to suit the project brief. Find out more or request a wall art customisation.

Lead Time : 1-2 weeks

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