Wonderful & Extraordinary walls from around the world - A road bridge in Varese

1st Mar 2019

Wonderful & Extraordinary walls from around the world - A road bridge in Varese

Location: Varese, Italy

Hidden away on the wall support for a road bridge in the heart of Varese, Italy, amongst the gaudy stylized graffiti art and pop culture statements, the Urban Canvas Street Art Festival has brought us artistic genius.While the surrounding art follows familiar patterns, the mural that Andrea Ravo Mattoni has created on this ordinary wall takes us back to the Fresco style of the old masters, not just in its scale and scope, but the subject matter too.

Transforming the wall into a magnificent canvas, Mattoni has taken Caravaggio’s masterpiece, The Taking of Christ, and reworked it into a hauntingly beautiful modern mural. Entitled “We Will All Be Forgotten”, the amazing work may use modern spray paints, but it maintains the classical look of the 16th century painting it is based on.

It is that echo of past masters that make it stand out, but it is the rendition of the people, offset by the black background that captures you. The eye is drawn naturally to the bright points in the piece, the faces, where the expressions of sadness, acceptance, anger and terror look back at you provokingly.

It inspires thought, but also reminds us that art is timeless. A fresco created with modern paints is no less a wonderful piece of art for it. The mural sits as a reminder that art truly is beautiful. The original work is housed in the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, but maybe, out here this wall of art will reach a new generation and help them gain an appreciation for the wonders of art throughout history.

A blend of old and new, Mattoni’s mural stands out from the modern graffiti art surrounding it to remind us why art is such a wonderful gift to the world.

Images from article at Streetartnews.net