Wallpaper Calculator

Wallpaper Calculator

17th Feb 2020

How Many Rolls Of Wallpaper For An Average Room

When ordering wallpaper there are two main units of information required:

Wallpaper size per roll - width and height

Wall size to be covered - width and height

It is important when working these out that you convert (if needed) to be in the same units to avoid any errors when working out how many rolls of wallpaper you need.  It is also important to make sure any alcoves/chimney breasts or other areas of the wall that may stick out or revert inwards are also measured if you want these to covered with wallpaper too.

Pale Grey Clouds Wallpaper

Once you know the width of both the wall and wallpaper, you can divide the wall width by the wallpaper width - this will let you know how many "drops" of wallpaper you require to cover the wall. Once you know how many drops you require you can then work out how many drops you can get out of one roll of the wallpaper - to do this divide the wallpaper length by the wall height.  From here you can then work out how many rolls are required, for example: if you worked out you need 12 drops of wallpaper, your room height is 2.5m meters and the roll length is 10meters, you know that you can get 4 full drops of wallpaper from one roll.  12 (drops) / 4 (drops per roll) = 4 rolls of wallpaper.

So you will need 4 rolls of wallpaper to cover the wall.

You can also work out how many rolls of wallpaper are required by working out how many square meters of wallpaper there are per drop, how many square meters of wall to be covered and divide the wall sq/m by the wallpaper roll sq/m but this isn't advisable if there is a pattern repeat as it doesn't give the most accurate result.

It is advised to order 1 roll or 10% more wallpaper than required when working out the quote to allow for pattern alignment and errors when cutting.

If you have any issues or questions regarding working out how many rolls of wallpaper you need for your room then do not hesitate to contact us at info@mineheart.com