The "Colours" Original Painting Collection

9th May 2019

The "Colours" Original Painting Collection

Modest, yet inviting the ‘Colours’ collection of artworks take classical paintings from the past and gives them new meaning. Designed by Young & Battaglia design studio in collaboration with guest digital artist Kirin Young. The colour scheme of this collection is bursts of pastels, including both dark and light tones. The artwork is mounted in a white box frame to complement the piece. These paintings are perfect for adding pops of colour to the minimal living space, adding a touch of "Rothko meets Leonardo da Vinci"


“… the colours collection is a fusion of past and present. Abstract expressionism is layered over renaissance, an irreverent tribute to the work of Rothko and many renaissance masters. The process was more about deciding what parts of the original painting to leave visible, and choosing which tones from the original painting worked well as large block of colour and complemented each other in the new composition..” Kirin Young


81.3 cm high x 66 cm wide



Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Young & Battaglia studio both trained in Industrial design but have since applied… read more


Kirin Young is an artist, graphic designer and photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. He was born and grew up in the UK… read more

One-off original mixed media work: £2,795.00

Limited edition framed canvas print: £420

Colours - Pink and Green

(Pictured below)

Colours - Red and Purple

(Pictured below)

Colours - Blue and Grey

(Pictured below)

Colours - Black and Orange

(Pictured below)

Colours - Red and Pink

(Pictured below)

Colours - Pink and Orange

(Pictured below)