The ‘Butterfly Portrait’ artwork series

The ‘Butterfly Portrait’ artwork series

Posted by Mineheart on 2nd Oct 2020

Classic portrait art with in your face - or should that be on your face - playful fun and intrigue. Young & Battaglia, in collaboration with artist Kirin Young, bring you the ‘Butterfly Portrait’ artwork seriesAn engaging collection of fascinating portraits that deliver fun and mystery whilst maintaining the grand nature and elegance of traditional pre 19th century portrait art.

Portrait of Spotted Butterfly on Lady  Portrait of Orange and Green Butterfly on Lady

Throughout the series of works the butterflies find themselves a home in the painting that see them hardly

look out of place. This position is achieved by the butterfly actually performing its ability in nature and being

camouflaged in its environment. You will notice how the pallet and patterns echo that of the person’s

garments within the works.

Of course giant butterflies failed to land and pose for these portraits as they were originally, what with it

being difficult to get these winged beauties to sit in situ during the painting.

Portrait of Black and White Butterfly on Man  Portrait of Black and Red Butterfly on Man  Portrait of Black and Green Butterfly on Lady

This is where the playful nature of the work comes in. The original portraits have such a familiar style and

content to us. We look upon them as something we may have seen before, because it is quite likely we

have, sans butterfly of course, or as something we have seen that is just like it and we definitely have -

barring perhaps those who skipped art at school (your favourite lesson you say?! Of course you never

skipped art at school!). To this end we look at these works a nd almost complete the mystery face in our

mind’s eye but the faces are still obscured and the mystery and intrigue still remains.

Perfect talking-point pieces of work, not out of place in your foyer, hallway or anywhere else in your home

or workplace. Immediately display your fun side, evoke imagination and provoke debate.

Visually striking and with several elements of juxtaposition these works are ones you will talk about more

than once or twice.

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