Plant Craze Decor Ideas

Posted by By Ale Aguilera on 28th Jul 2020

Plant Craze Decor Ideas

You probably have heard about how millennials are obsessed with plants. No surprise since plants can really brighten up your home and improve your mood. Have you also thought of adding plants to your walls? If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have.

The popularity of wallpapers is on the rise, representing a popular element in the most trendy decorations. Wallpapers can be the missing touch in your home.

Maybe you’re hesitant, thinking that botanical wallpaper could be too much. The good news is, there are many ways you can decorate your home and find the perfect harmony you’re looking for.

Why is botanical decoration a good idea?

Nature is a fundamental part of life. It makes us remember that everything grows and changes. Greenery has a calming impact in our minds, filling us with energy and creativity.

Botanical decoration is extensive, meaning that you have many different choices. Simply by looking at the seasons, you may come with some decor ideas that will fit with your personality. You can also start thinking about the kind of art you like most: is it realistic, or are you more attracted to the abstract?

You may be a wild creature who loves nature, so you want to have wallpapers all over the place, and even combining patterns to express yourself. Perhaps you want to play safe and prefer sober decoration, without changing it drastically. Whatever the case is, keep reading to discover some beautiful wallpaper and wall art ideas that will make you want to decorate your home right away.

How to decorate with botanical wallpaper for the first time

Redecorating our homes is kind of a new beginning. At first, it might be scary, but once you get started, you’ll see how adding botanical elements to your decoration can be a wise move.

If you want to be on the safe side, keep the harmony of your space with neutral colors. After all, who said botanical wallpaper has to be green? Give the vintage trend a try: choose a grey or beige, detailed floral wallpaper, and complement your style with some houseplants and pastel-toned furniture.

On the other hand, you can also stick to one color (for the most part). Decorating the room with different shades of the same color is also a great way to add personality to your home.

Brother Stanwick figurine -Blue/Green

If you’re still wondering if a botanical wallpaper is for you, try to use it in small, more private spaces. For instance:

  • The powder room. Welcome your guests by using a combination of tiles and a leaf-patterned wallpaper, additionally to some greenery. When it comes to first impressions, this room can make you shine.
  • The closet. If you have the fortune to have a room for your clothes, you should definitely hang some fashionable wall art to enhance your botanical wallpaper.
  • The linen closet. This room, usually small, is kind of intimate and it can be an adorable spot if you keep it organized.

Ideas to decorate with botanical wallpaper if you’re a plant lover

So plants are your thing. You’re ready to fill your home with botanical wonders and walls are not the exception.

  • Go green! Green is not only a calming color, it’s also a cheerful one. Spaces like your living room are perfect to decorate with big patterns and objects. Create your own jungle by incorporating palm trees and refresh your space; you can do this by using both wallpaper and actual plants. To make it cozier, try adding some furnishings made of rattan or wood.
  • Florals and fauna. This is such a trendy combination for nature lovers. For instance, you can go for a forest feel when choosing to have some birds or rodents figures in your walls, or really get into the jungle and prefer tigers. 

Back to Nature Coloured Wallpaper

  • Let your imagination fly with mythical creatures.

Another idea to consider includes mythical creatures, like fairies or angels. Usually, these designs are surrounded by nature and will give a divine touch to your wall.

Pink Saudade Wallpaper

  • Mix patterns. Your soul may be asking you to mix patterns. Some people like to have patterns in groups, making every corner a visual adventure. Others may be more inclined to let a unique pattern stand from the crowd. For example, you can play with patterns in textiles. Cushions and curtains with contrasting colors can be key items to highlight your botanical wallpaper.
  • Don’t forget wall art

If you’re thinking: “is that all, wallpapers and plants?” Well, you’re missing wall art.

Hanging art pieces has always been a must in decoration, and it should definitely be part of your redecoration plan. We’ve been talking about botanical elements, but how about hanging some disrupting, modern art? Like these ones

TaoMaster-3 Framed Printed Canvas

Let your spirit guide you. Are you ready to start your botanical design journey? 

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