Outline Colours Wallpaper: In collaboration with E. Pangrazi

Outline Colours Wallpaper: In collaboration with E. Pangrazi

17th May 2019

Striking yet minimalistic the ‘Outlines’ collection consists of a series of iconic decorations, symbolizing the elements of woodgrain, paneling, bookshelves, quilting, and bricks. Designed by Emanuele Pangrazi. The colour scheme of this collection is varied among the pastel colours, including blues, pinks and greys that have been paired to compliment whilst outlining their patterns.The wallpaper is printed on a hard-wearing smooth paper that is simple to install with no wallpapering table needed. The rolls are 10 meters long x 52cm wide. This  wallpaper collection offers great capacity for adaptation in very different environments, adding a touch "Barbie takes a tea with the Queen after having furnished the rooms of Buckingham palace".


The study for this collection began with an analysis of the archetypes and decorative textures typically associated with the walls. The extreme synthesis of the signs and the elimination of all that is superfluous give the collection a graphic and modern appearance. But the core of the study was the research on colours to give greater emphasis to decorations. The colours chosen are pastels, in line with current trends and in some cases I had fun with daring combinations of surreal and gaudy colours. In front of this variety I can only say, “play with colours everywhere!” .” - Emanuele Pangrazi


52 cm wide x 10 meters Long


Printed on hard-wearing non-woven paper from sustainably managed forests using low VOC inks and biodegradable plastic free packaging.



Italian awarded designer and creative director who works for companies globally.

Bookshelf Outline Wallpaper - Grey & Pink (left)   Bookshelf Outline Wallpaper - Blue & Pink (right)


Bookshelf Outline Wallpaper - Petroleum & Aquamarine (left)   Bookshelf Outline Wallpaper - Pink & Grey (right)


Bookshelf Wallpaper - Tonal Aquamarine (left)   Bookshelf Wallpaper - Tonal Grey (right) 

Bookshelf Outline Wallpaper - Tonal Navy (left)  Bookshelf Outline Wallpaper - Tonal Pink (right)  

Brick Wallpaper - Tonal Light Blue (left)  Brick Wallpaper - Pink & Light Blue (right)  

Brick Outline Wallpaper - Petroleum and Aquamarine (below)

Panel Outline - Petroleum and Aquamarine (left)  Panel Outline - Light Blue and Pink (right)


Panel Outline - Tonal Grey (left) Panel Outline - Pink and Grey (right)


Quilt Outline - Light Blue and Pink (left)  Quilt Outline - Petroleum and Aquamarine (left)


Quilt Outline - Grey and Pink (left)  Quilt Outline - Pink and Grey (right)


Quilt Outline - Tonal Sage (below)

Woodgrain Outline - Grey and Pink (left) Woodgrain Outline - Light Blue and Pink (right)


Woodgrain Outline - Petroleum and Aquamarine (left)  Woodgrain Outline - Tonal Pink (right)