Interview with the artist: Himitsuhana

Interview with the artist: Himitsuhana

Posted by Mineheart on 13th Nov 2020

Himitsuhana is one of the most popular and active artists in Mineheart's range. She investigates the inner relation between photography and painting during her research in photography and takes inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites painters and Liberty style. In this article we hear more from Himitsuhana about her inspiration and drive to create unique and  surreal art

Surreal Artist Himitsuhana

Himitsuhana started research in photography in 2007. She investigates the inner relation between photography and painting, and takes inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites painters and Liberty style. She has worked as designer for storybooks, fashion and entertainment sectors. "I believe that photography is more than technique, it is more than having an expensive equipment. I am deeply convinced that photography (the way it means to me) is not the camera, it is the eye that stands behind the camera. My aim is to portray every single glance of the human soul and encourage people to dream and never stop believing in dreams."

Please give brief description of your job:

I started research in photography in 2007 after a study journey in Japan. My favourite field of research is the Surreal Photography.

My interest for Surrealism’s techniques and concepts meets another element which is a leitmotiv in my work: the painterly style. Before starting experimenting with photography I was a painter. So as painting has been my first love I have tried to keep it in my photos. I actually behave as a painter even when I am shooting and editing a photo in Photoshop. I look at lights and shadows and colours as if I were to paint them and that is why this painterly style is a sort of natural thing for me to achieve.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing is that my job isn’t actually a job. Most of my images are created because I needed to and usually I just let my creativity run free and I make images which are chosen by companies, libraries or private clients to be used either for commercial use or to be hung in their homes. When I work on commission I usually get an idea of the project by the client but I’m free to express myself, so either way I just do what I like.

Please tell us more about the project you’re discussing with us:

The original title of this piece is "The portrait of a pretender" and it is an image I realised a few years ago when, during a period of profound self-analysis, I unconsciously (or consciously) investigated the theme of the double and the mask.

What influenced you for this piece?

In making this work I was inspired by a poem by Pessoa "The poet is a pretender" contained in a book that I always saw leaning on my mother's bedside table. Every time I passed by I tried to imagine the meaning of that title, fantasising its content but I never read it. Despite this, however, the title inspired me enough to influence my work; this portrait does not represent the ordinary concept of double. One might expect that the mask refers precisely to a veil of fiction that we wear to hide our true personality for a number of reasons, but what would happen if the mask we wore was really our true nature? In a sense it is a provocation to be authentic and real even in our pretending.

How long was the process from the idea to the finished work?

It took a few hours to get the setting done and posing for this self-portrait, then 4,5 hours for the editing.

How would you describe the look and feel of this work?

I think it is very relaxing yet a bit confusing because of the same expression of the faces. It is pleasing to watch it but somehow it makes you think something is wrong.

Apart from the design featured above, are you working on anything else exciting that you can talk about currently?

I’m working on a series of images inspired by exoteric concepts, my main field of interest in this period.

What were you interested in when you were a child and how did that lead you down the path to where you are now?

I’ve always been interested in discovering the things that are hidden. I’ve been a very sensitive child and I’m a sensible adult. I perceived reality in a different way than other people did and lately I’m investigating this side of my personality putting into practice these new feelings into art and healing therapies

What design tools, equipment or softwares do you use?

I use a Canon eos 5d mark II and Photoshop

What are your favourite places or things to do, to get inspired or destress?

I love spending time in nature, sunbathing and meditating. It really recharge me.

What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?

When I have to work on commission sometimes it is very changeling. Whenever I have to create something based on an idea or concept which allows me to fully express my creativity it’s all right, but sometime I have to do commercial works for fashion or architecture which make me feel extremely frustrated. This is why I decided to quit doing such things.

Often our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness, what is yours and how does does it affect your work?

I think my greatest weakness is that I get bored very easily and I lose inspiration in a moment. When I was mainly a painter this meant that I started a painting but rarely could I finish it because the long process of painting made me lose the original energy that caused me to do that artwork. This “problem” made try photography which is a very quick tool, so I managed to complete and artwork from start to finish in a day or two. I can say that this weakness led me on a path of discovery where I could experiment with a different tool and create different things. the urge to always do new things also leads me to create new things, to experiment with new techniques and therefore to always be an artist who reinvents herself

What do you believe or like to do that many people may think is crazy or unusual?

I am an astrologer and this itself makes me a little bit different from the others. I am a scholar of esoteric disciplines and I introduce many of these concepts into my works. I like to follow the lunar cycles for everything I speak to the Universe as if it were a friend. Sometimes people look at me in a strange way but then they start doing it because it works great!

If you had a quote, proverb or a mantra printed on your shirt what would it say?

"The Universe always provides"

Where can people find out more about what you, and how can they get in touch?

I think nowadays Instagram is my main social network.

They can find my artwork looking for Himitsuhana on Instagram or fb, or at my website

Japanese Repose (below) 

Japanese Repose


Kitsune (below)


Tranquilize (below)


Portrait Del'artiste (below)

Portrait Del'artiste

Voice (below)