Insta-Inspiration For Your Interior Design

16th Jul 2019

Insta-Inspiration For Your Interior Design

Redecorating an entire house is never easy, and as much as you may know your rooms need updating, it can be hard to determine how or what to change.

However, these days we are fortunate to have a huge number of resources to draw inspiration from when it comes to interior design. Indeed, you could flick through Pinterest for some really creative ideas or have a search on Google for the latest wallpaper / flooring / kitchen trends.

A lot of people are also making good use out of their social media addiction and spending more time on the networking sites gathering ideas on how to renovate their homes. That is why many designers, bloggers and interior stores have set up Instagram accounts so they can publicise the top décor trends of the moment to spark interest among homeowners looking for redecorating inspiration.

Apartment Apothecary

One site we love is Apartment Apothecary, set up by Katy Orme. While not an interior designer herself, the blogger has made a name for herself publishing her creative ideas on her website and social media pages.

She says the reason behind her popularity is that “I post my interior decoration projects, suggest design and craft ideas, and give out helpful tips for getting your living space just the way you want it”.

Her 30,000-plus followers on Instagram love seeing her suggestions, but mostly tune in to see what the blogger has done to her east London house, which she is currently renovating.

Her stark white walls, grey accents, period features, and interesting accessories are definitely in keeping with this year’s trends, showing she has her finger on the pulse of what is up and coming in the world of interior design.

Swoon Worthy

While Katy’s taste is very clean and muted, those who prefer more elaborate features might like Kimberley Duran’s blog, Swoon Worthy.

Labelled as “the home of the eclectic boho glam”, you can expect to see lots of dramatic, over-the-top and luxurious accessories and design ideas on this page.

“Gold luxe finishes, cheeky animal prints, touchable textural fabrics, bold pattern mixing, a touch of vintage and bohemian-style comfort. This all makes me weak in the knees,” she stated.

She also believes in including budget-friendly suggestions for her followers, saying: “You can achieve a high-end look without spending a huge amount of money.”

The former content and social media marketer is in the throes of decorating a four-bedroom Victorian house in Shrewsbury, which means she is exploring the latest trends at the same time as those reading her blog, making her extremely relevant.

One of her most recent Instagram posts shows her rose-pink bed against a backdrop of a monochrome flowery-decorated wallpaper.

This type of covering is very fashionable at the moment, as wallpapers that show scenes create a focal point for the room. Prints and patterns are still very popular, but these scenic displays help to add a storybook element to the interior design, and enable the homeowner to transform the space completely.

Stefano Bonazzi’s The white sky XIX Wallpaper Mural is perfect for the artistic among you, adding a thought-provoking, philosophical image to the room. This depiction of the modern world with the help of faceless characters and fantastical settings really makes the onlooker think about what they are seeing. This wallpaper is perfect in a bright white room, letting the feature speak for itself.

Nature also features heavily in popular wallpaper designs at the moment, as it does in Kimberley’s ideas. Mineheart’s Back to Nature coloured wallpaper, designed by Courtney Brims, not only showcases many elements of nature, including snakes, plants, trees, rats and moths, it is also environmentally-friendly, with 100 per cent biodegradable plastic-free packaging and printed on pulp from sustainably managed forests.

There are clearly a lot of people looking to design their homes in a luxurious, artistic manner as Swoon Worthy Blog has more than 24,400 followers on Instagram.

Justina Blakeney

While Katy and Kimberly are very well-liked interior bloggers, their popularity pales in comparison to Justina Blakeney. The designer and artist has garnered so much interest for her unique and interesting designs that her book The New Bohemians has become a New York Times best seller. She also dominates social media with her colourful, ethnic designs and has as many as 363,000 followers!

She is a big fan of greenery, filling her interior spaces with plants, and strong wall patterns, from mosaic kitchen tiles to bold printed wallpaper. She takes inspiration from the international setting and creates an eclectic mix of styles for her choice of interior design.

If these ladies have inspired you to update your home, take a look at our artistic printed wallpaper here.