How Wallpaper Can Bring Life To Your Home

How Wallpaper Can Bring Life To Your Home

9th Dec 2019

When homebuyers look around a property, what helps them make their decision over whether to purchase it or not tends to be dependent on if they can see themselves adding their own character to the four walls and making it feel like home.

That is why it is so important not to let that excitement and creativity slip once you have the keys to your new residences in your hands, as nothing will make a house or apartment feel like your own other than redecorating it in your own very own style.

One of the best and quickest ways to do this without renovating every single room is simply to fit some bold or  contemporary designer wallpaper.

Mural art, in particular, is very on-trend at the moment, with more and more homeowners choosing to make a statement wall in each of their rooms out of a large and elaborate picture. While wallpaper prints are still very much in style, a sizeable art scene on your wall will certainly capture interest and make your home stand out from the rest.

white bookshelf wallpaper

Speaking with Virgin Media Television’s, Gabrielle Fagan explains how wallpapers are coming back in a big way.

“Let wallpaper transport you to a jungle or country garden; embrace stately home-style panelling, industrial, pared-bared ‘brick’ walls or chic chintz patterns (yes, twee flowers are back in fashion), or even plunder the work of the great artists at the National Gallery,” she wrote.

Ms Fagan also noted that wallpaper is becoming so popular as homeowners are growing increasingly brave and bold with their interior design that some are even choosing to paper the ceiling.

“Walls are being wickedly transformed by designers, who can literally create any pattern or image to suit your taste and fulfil your visual dreams,” the article stated.

When it comes to picking wallpaper, homeowners will be blown away with the choice available these days. According to Décor Design Trends , the top styles for 2019 include vinyl materials,  non-woven wallpapers, liquid wallpaper that applies like plaster, textile fabrics, plants, flowers and nature, geometric lines, animal prints, 3D images, gradient wallpaper, and both monochrome and bold colours.

This gives people a lot of scope when it comes to picking their favourite wallpaper, whether they prefer the clean-cut look of geometric patterns or more of a natural style with a jungle-themed mural. However, it is a good idea to choose one that complements the age and style of the property as well as your own taste.

Victorian houses, for instance, might look strange with a very modern black-and-white wall covering, while a newly built property would not particularly suit paisley-style paper.

leaf wallpaper

Some styles look good in a variety of properties, including geometric designs and floral prints.

“Wallpapers with creative geometry have their proud place in wallpaper trends 2019. Using this wallpaper, you will be able to balance the space in the room, make it look holistic. There are several geometry forms, which align best with any style furniture,” the publication wrote.

Similarly, flowers are hugely popular this year. However, instead of the old-fashioned floral prints you might remember from your grandparents’ house, you should opt for bright, bold, large patterns.

“The exotic flowers, watercolour paintings, bouquets of striking shades will all look amazing in the interior,” the article continued.

The most important thing for homeowners to remember is to pick a style that represents their character the most. A big piece of artwork of a leopard might be fashionable, but if you are not particularly arty or a lover of animals, it will end up looking out of place and not in keeping with the rest of the house.

Mineheart wallpaper

It is wise to keep your personality in mind when choosing different wallpapers, as trends will, inevitably, come and go and you might end up left with a wallpaper you are not particularly enamoured with just because it was once in style.

Think about what you like the most – from travelling the world to listening to rock bands. There is sure to be wallpaper that can embody this interest in some way, allowing you to showcase it in your house and remind yourself of your hobby every time you enter the room.

Even if you just start off with a feature wall in your living room, you are likely to build your confidence in interior design over time and could end up with a whole house filled with eclectic and interesting wallpapers. So much so that anyone who visits finds themselves asking the same question – where did you get your wallpaper from?