How To Decorate A Bedroom: 10 Top Tips

How To Decorate A Bedroom: 10 Top Tips

Posted by Mineheart on 14th May 2019

There’s nothing more exciting than deciding to redecorate one of the rooms in your house. They do say that a change is as good as a rest, after all, and you’re sure to feel this way once the job is done. But you’ve got to do quite a lot of hard work first and it’s important to plan properly or you could find you’re not as happy with the end result as you might otherwise have been.

So to help you make sure that you decorate bedroom to perfection and exactly as you see it in your mind’s eye, here are a few hints and tips from us here at Mineheart to help you get it right the first time.

Shop around for contemporary designer wallpaper

There are some incredible designs out there these days and you might well struggle to decide on just one style of wallpaper. That’s why it’s vital you work out what kind of style you want for the room before you begin as this will help to narrow down your choices somewhat.

Textured wallpapers are very popular these days, so bear this in mind when you’re shopping around for luxury wallpaper.

Think subtle with your colour

Big, bold shades might work well in the likes of the kitchen and living room, but you want to create a sense of peace and quiet in the bedroom to help promote a good night’s sleep. So when it comes to colour choice, go for more gentle tones or deeper shades to create a sense of comfort and cosiness in your bedroom.

Don’t go overboard with your accessories

Too much clutter can make a space feel hectic and could make you feel a bit on the stressed side when you go to bed, so do your best to limit the number of items in your bedroom, furnishing it with only what is absolutely required.

Store items out of sight

Storage is key in this part of the house and you can help to instil a sense of calm in your bedroom by being clever in this regard. Choose a bed with built-in storage, or bring in an ottoman to put at the bottom of the bed where you can easily store extra bedding. If you can’t find a bed you like with storage included, store items underneath it in nice boxes and use a bed skirt or valance to hide everything away neatly.

Don’t forget about the lighting

Good lighting is essential in the bedroom and layering it up is key so you can create different moods as you see fit. Bring in some table lamps so you can enjoy focus lighting for reading in bed and don’t forget the power of a dimmer switch. Separate switches for each light is a good idea as well, since this will allow you to be really selective with how you illuminate the space.

Create a focal point

A focal point can really help you decorate house (any part of the house), because it will help to draw the eye around the room. In the bedroom, this is often the head of the bed, which you can really maximise through the clever use of pillows and throws.

Bring in some wall art

Works of art are really effective in bringing any part of the house alive, but don’t overthink it and don’t crowd the walls too much, or you could end up with a cluttered look. To really make your new investment stand out, paint the walls in a neutral colour.

Don’t forget a rug

Did you know that you could actually make your bedroom look bigger if you choose the right rug for the space? Make sure you pick one that’s big enough to go under the bed and go for something in a timeless style so you can decorate around it and ensure that it stands the test of time, no matter what design ideas you might have in the future.

Join Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard that’s brilliant for projects like this because it allows you to save images on boards of your own creation, so you can see what styles you like and those you don’t. You’ll have a great time browsing the site for all sorts of inspiration.

And then there’s Instagram

Another social media site worth its salt where interior design is concerned is Instagram. Set yourself up with an account and follow lots of designers and companies to see what ideas they have that you think might be worth following up on in your own home.