Feature Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

Posted by Mineheart on 31st May 2019

Feature Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

Feature walls have been popular for the last few years, as they help add character and personality to a room without being too overwhelming. Living rooms are the perfect place to show off a feature wall, helping to accentuate the overall interior design of the area.

Here are some of this year’s top trends when it comes to feature walls, whether you decorate your lounge with luxury wall art or choose a bold paint on one wall to bring the room to life.

  • 1)Dual wallpaper designs

Having wallpaper on the main wall of your living room really creates a statement, but in 2019 we’ll see homeowners plastering not one wallpaper in their lounge, but two.

According to House and Garden, using two different wallpapers in a room really catches the eye, as long as you choose designs that compliment each other.

“Try using a different wallpaper for an alcove than you would for the main wall, or line the back of a bookshelf in an alternate print. Just make sure that both papers have harmonising elements: either the same colours or a similar print,” the article stated.

  • 2)Bold and bright

Another top interior design trend this year is choosing a really bold, bright colour for your feature wall in contrast with stark white on the other walls.

According to The Spruce, this helps “create some energy” in a lounge, and adds zest to an otherwise clinical-looking room.

  • 3)Mirrors on the wall

While large mirrors with impressive frames will always be popular, you could update the look by having a feature wall covered in lots of mirrors in varying shapes, styles and sizes.

  • 4)Wallpaper murals

Patterns are still very popular this year, with geometric designs and florals remaining top trends for 2019, but we are also seeing more and more people opt for large murals for their wallpaper instead, Ideal Home revealed.

You could choose an elaborate nature scene, with large trees and woodland for one wall of your living room, for instance. It’ll certainly be a talking point when friends come over to visit!

  • 5)Go stripes

Stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, are in fashion this year, and many Brits are choosing to kit their feature wall in lines.

The Spruce stated: “If painting the entire room feels like a bit too much, an accent wall is a great alternative.”

Homeowners were also advised to pick two different shades of the same colour, as this will “keep it from looking too choppy”.

Vertical stripes are a good option if you want to make your ceiling appear higher, particularly if you choose narrow strips and neutralise the pattern by having plain colours on the other walls of the room.

Alternatively, if you need your room to appear larger than it is, opt for horizontal stripes that are thick and chunky.

  • 6)Hanging rugs

Another way to really impress visitors is to hang a rug on your feature wall instead of painting it or putting on different wallpaper.

“Rugs aren’t just for floors. Hang yours to a wall to bring pattern, texture and cosiness to a room,” Ideal Home suggested.