Diffusion & Infusion: From art and wallpaper to cushions

6th Mar 2019

Diffusion & Infusion: From art and wallpaper to cushions

The new collection of cushions from mineheart features segments from their wallpaper designs and prints including clouds, bookshelves and the iconic madam blush artwork. The choice of designs has been playfully selected to either match or contrast with other mineheart elements giving a playful palette of colours and materials to choose from. The cushions come in 2 sizes and various fabric types from chic velvet, satin and canvas.

Clouds Cushion Collection

There is something about these dream-like cloud cushions that just provokes feelings of comfort and warmth.Perfect in both bedroom and living area settings and available in Pale Grey, Night Black, Dusty Pink and Smokey Blue, combine colours to make a subtle yet aesthetically pleasing setting.

Pale Grey Clouds cushion            Dusty pink clouds Cushion

Smokey Blue clouds Cushion            Night black clouds Cushion

Bookshelf Cushion Collection

Bringing our books from the walls to your sofas, the bookshelf cushion will add a touch of classic sophistication to your room, styled in Vintage, White and Photocopy effects.

   Vintage Bookshelf cushion      Photocopy Bookshelf cushion

White Bookshelf cushion

Himitsuhana in gold & monochrome cushion Collection

These cushions will offer a modern twist derived from the traditional pastoral portraits of the 18th century.

Air is not enough Gold edition cushion       Forget me not Gold edition cushion     

Water is not enough Gold edition cushion

Himitsuhana cushion collection

Renaissance Cushion collection in collaboration with Himitsuhana. Take a seat and relax with this beautiful cushions, reminiscent of classic Dutch Old Master paintings.

Water is not enough cushion  Air is not enough cushion

Mirror Mirror cushion     Forget me not cushion

Madame Blush & Monsieur Mint cushions

These cushions portrays a cheekily defaced gentleman & a French queen- blending classic art with modern day mischief.

Madame Blush cushion      Monsieur Mint cushion