Design Preview: Morris Dream Bedroom wallpaper

Design Preview: Morris Dream Bedroom wallpaper

21st Jan 2019

Mineheart is super excited to share a project thats been in the pipeline for a while and is finally available to pre-order and register your interest to be the first to receive samples. ‘Morris Dream’ is a modern day tribute to the master wallpaper designer William Morris himself. The design is very much a celebration of his work, but embellished with a modern twist. This bedroom wallpaper design was created specifically with the master bedroom in mind but can be used in any room, taking its inspiration from sleep, dreams and fantasy to create a subtle adaptation of a calming and familiar motif. From a distance it could easily be mistaken for a traditional 19th Century classic Morris wallpaper, but when you look closer you can discover surreal elements and details relating to sleep and the night sky... including flying pigs floating between clouds, and a moon chewing bubblegum. If Mineheart had a stately home, a palace or a classical hotel it would definitely use this paper to decorate the rooms, and the colour palette includes Warm taupe, Minty egg blue, Grey captain blue, Peachy pink and grey, and Pebble grey create an air of classic luxury and grandeur around your four poster bed, but not exactly as everyone expects!



Wallpaper roll dimensions: 52cm wide x 10meters long

Pattern repeat: 76cm

Paper type: Heavy duty smooth paper with non-woven backing

Fire Rated: Yes

Care: Colourfast & Washable with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent

Hanging: Paste the wall, no wallpapering table needed


Classic dark green with colours

Pebble grey

Warm taupe

Grey captain blue

Cream and Blue

Minty egg blue

Warm clay

Peachy pink and grey


As well as our standard range of colourways, the colours of the 'Morris Dream' wallpaper design can also be customized to give a luxury touch to the walls of your interior project. If you provide the pantone colours you require our design team can adjust the design, and product samples for your approval prior to the production of your bespoke wallcovering. Below are a few examples of of pantone colours, but there are over 1800 pantone spot colours to choose from.

custom color wallpapers


dark green and coloured morris dream wallpaperlight grey morris dream pattern wallpaper

Classic dark green with colours (Left) Pebble grey (Right)

beige and taupe morris dream wallpaperblue grey morris dream wallpaper pattern

Warm taupe (Left) Grey captain blue (Right)

green cream pattern wallpapermint turqoise green morris dream wallpaper

Cream and Blue (Left) Minty egg blue (Right)

earth clay red morris dream patterned wallpaperpeach pink and grey morris dream wallcovering

Warm clay (Left) Peachy pink and grey (Right)


green wallpaper

morris dream grey wallpaper

morris dream taupe wallpaper

blue wallpaper

morris dream cream blue wallpaper

eggblue wallpaper

morris dream red wallpaper

pink wallpaper