Cauldron and Vase Lamps

Cauldron and Vase Lamps

21st Feb 2019

This ultra-modern range is powerful in its simplicity yet takes it's inspiration from the cast iron cauldrons, and terracotta storage jars of centuries ago. The timeless traditional forms are turned on their heads and translated in to hand blown glass in a selection of contemporary finishes including black, white, amber, copper, gold and silver. These pendant and table lamps shine just the right amount of light over a single important spot, or hang several in a row for a show-stopping statement.

modern white pendant lamp

Gloss White Cauldron Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

gold pendant lamp shade

Amber Tint Cauldron Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

silver pendant lamp shade

Mirror Silver Cauldron Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

glass pendant lamp shade

Smoke Tint Cauldron Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

black pendant lamp shade

Gloss Black Cauldron Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

silver pendant lamp

SIlver mirror Jar Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

gold lamp pendant

Amber tint Jar Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

black lamp pendant

Black Jar Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

pendant copper lamp

Copper mirror Jar Pendant Lamp (Pictured above)

pot lamp

Frosted White Cauldron Table Lamp (Pictured above)

Cauldron Lamp

Amber Tint Cauldron Table Lamp (Pictured above)

Gold Cauldron Lamp

Mirror Gold Cauldron Table Lamp (Pictured above)

Copper Cauldron Lamp

Mirror Copper Cauldron Table Lamp (Pictured above)

Silver Cauldron Lamp

Mirror Silver Cauldron Table Lamp (Pictured above)

Black Cauldron Lamp

Gloss Black Cauldron Table Lamp (Pictured above)