Eye Doll Small Lampshade - Audrey

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Eye Doll Small Lampshade - Audrey by Young and Battaglia

Young and Battaglia have taken the most recognisable and iconic pairs of eyes from the movie stars of the 20th century screen to create this range of modern day pop art lamp shades. The comic-book style halftone dotted design of the eyes in black and white adds to the pop art feel. The lamps come in two versions, the Marilyn which features Marilyn Monroe’s eyes and the Audrey which features Audrey Hepburn.  Marilyn Monroe was chosen by Andy Warhol for his seminal portrait and these eyes have become embedded in our culture as the epitome of glamour and vulnerability. The Audrey Hepburn features the famous almond shaped eyes of this elegant movie star who was the embodiment of sophistication. The Eyes Lamps are a celebration of these stars of the silver screen.


Material: custom printed white shade

Bulb (not included): Calex LED Full Glass Filament GLS-lamp

Light fitting  not supplied.

The metal washer is 40mm to fit ES/E27 lamp holders and is fitted with a removable plastic insert for 29mm BC lamp holders.

Max 60 Watts.

Made in England



Audrey Hepburn, eyes, movie star, pop art, iconic


Dimensions : 260 diam. x 180mm high


Lead Time: 3-5 days