Brother Stanwick figurine - Ultimate Grey

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All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a fu…


All Mineheart products come with 1 year guarantee and we accept returns for a full refund.




2021 Pantone Colour of the Year


Brother Stanwick figurine Ultimate Grey

These resin art sculptures are a collision between fairytale and the natural world, making them a cruelty-free alternative to taxidermy and a colourful way to bring animal elements into interiors without harming them. These animals are dressed to impress in the style of Victorian and Elizabethan period portraits, adding a touch of the English eccentric to your space.

This unique collection of funky yet surreal animal sculptures are a great way to compliment both classical traditional architecture as well as contemporary modern design. They take inspirations from dreams and history and are great as a family or as a stand-alone feature ornament on a mantlepiece over a fireplace for example.


So Pantone has elected their colours of the year for 2021. They are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey, think diverse, professional and neutral and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a warming cheerful and positive yellow. Only once before have the experts at the Pantone Color Institute ever awarded this prestige to two colors so Mineheart thought it fitting that we embrace these with our beautiful eccentric and quirky figurines.

Introducing the Brother Stanwick animal bust by Angela Rossi. Angela has brought to life her characters from her 2D artworks and translated them into 3D sculptures, creating a family of majestic and wonderfully detailed animal busts. This ultimate grey stag bust could be an ideal focal point in the interior setting of a hunting lodge or a stately home. Finished in a contemporary ultimate grey paint this resin deer sculpture makes for a striking tabletop or mantlepiece decoration, adding a head turning work of art to your decor. Bring a touch of playfulness and distinguished grey to your home decor.

A free-standing stag head bust cast in high-quality resin and painted in a modern ultimate grey to create a delightfully quirky addition to both commercial and domestic interior settings.


  • Dimensions: 40cm (approximately)
  • Material: Resin, paint
  • Colour: Ultimate Grey
  • Care : Hand wash

Current Lead time: 2-5 days

Theme : Stag, resin, grey, ultimate grey, pantone, pantone ultimate grey, animal sculpture

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