Discover the Mineheart collection of brick pattern wallpaper, which is here to return to your walls their most basic elements. But, of course, with no need of a construction work and the originality which always go hand in hand with the Mineheart design. From white brick wallpaper to red brick wall paper, this compilation consists in different versions under de premise of an elegant brick look wallpaper: perfect to add a modern building touch to your house and join the fashionable trend of the industrial style, always becoming because its sobriety and refinement.

Not by accident, the outcome of a brick wall wallpaper allows to obtain very different results depending on the surrounding decoration. For example, a grey brick wallpaper can perfectly match with the Bubblegum portrait -2, which tones are similar, to get a discreet effect. But also can match in a very good balance with the bold canvas Shape and colour blue, enhancing in this way the intensity of its colour. In this respect, a textured brick wallpaper, especially in light tones, is ideal to exalt a piece of furniture as beautiful and exquisite as the Elizabeth cabinet. Now it is your turn. What brick wallpaper do you like the most?