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 Explore Mineheart's collection of red wallpaper and make a big statement in your home. Red is a highly effective colour in interior design and conveys passion, ambition and creates a strong emotional connection.

 Our popular designer wallpaper designs include red pattern wallpaper such as the iconicRed Chesterfield Button Back, which gives an opulent sense of tradition. It emulates the leather furniture you might find in an oak-panelled gentleman’s club. This Chesterfield design also comes in black, grey, cream and pink.

another highly popular option is the beautiful Back to Naturewallpaper design by Courtney Brims, one of four colourways for this design. It features animals, birds and plants in a unique design that works in both period and contemporary spaces. We also have many more options within a botanical or floral wallpaper theme and our feather wallpaper is also very popular, with a range of beautiful colour options.

 You could make a bold statement with our luxury wallpaper design inspired by exoticPersian rugs or a high end, boutique feel with thechain wallpaperdesign. If you like this high impact pattern, you might also like to take a look at our geometric wallpaper designs - these create a hypnotic and mesmerising effect that customers love.

 We make it easy to explore the full collection of Mineheart designer wallpaper. You can simply choose to View All our designs, you can shop by design, shop by colour or even shop by room using our sophisticated filter options.

  Once you have selected the perfect wallpaper option for your chosen space, don’t miss other Mineheart products that could help bring your interior design to life. Explore our luxury rugs, designer lighting, furniture and accessories to find the perfect pieces to complement your theme. We’re here to add a little intrigue to your interior, to reflect personality and bring some fun to any space. 

Red wallpaper

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