Black and White wallpaper

Browse the Mineheart luxury black and white wallpaper collection, where you can find a great miscellany of wallpaper all with very different styles that are united around these classic colours, considered the balanced opposites par excellence. From letters, chesterfield button or pied de poule, to marble fragments, patchwork or geometric bulbs - the black and white wallpaper pattern is always able to offer an impeccable design. It is elegant, suitable for any room in a house or business and, above all, versatile and imperishable.  

The Almost white delft baroque wallpaper is a wonderful option. It’s clear tone and exquisite pattern make it relaxing and elegant; one of the most successful black and white wallpapers, great for using in bedrooms - try it with two King Edison ghost wall lamps replacing table lamps and the Bubblegum portrait -6 centred right above the bed, the chamber would look lovely! And what about the Black geometric stripes wallpaper - Perfect to brighten up a busy place, like the dining room.