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Mineheart has this wonderful soft furnishing home accessories collection which you are going to love. It is formed by home accessories such as rubber backed rugs like kitchen rugs washable rubber backed, other kinds of rugs, of the type of hand tufted rug and faux cowhide rug, and copper home accessories in general, among others. This home accessories sale will provide you with really useful products which, moreover, will add a touch of elegancy or beautiful craziness to your house. The reason is, in particular rugs, have either specially well-defined images, like the Japanese repose rug, or very curious hybrids.

The Grey Persian faux cowhide rug is a very good example, all a cultural mix: it is a white cowhide rug, but also a Persian rug white. It means it imitates a white cowhide from a cow which spots would have been a typical Persian rug pattern in grey tones. There other example. That is, more than a pink rug, a sensation in the shape of a pink Persian style rug: the Kashan remix orange pink rug, which following a Persian pattern, combine its colours in a very psychedelic way. Do you dare to go into these singular rugs world?

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