Wallpaper Trend – Décor Styles You can Use in Home

Wallpaper Trend – Décor Styles You can Use in Home

Posted by Mineheart on 21st Apr 2021

Its spring at last and we've been through another very difficult winter. But luckily we are here to tell and read about it. Now we need lightness, style and beauty. It is certainly not a triviality to remember that the reawakening of nature and the softening of the coronavirus urge us to go out into the open air and renew the interior of our homes, making them more enveloping, creating new atmospheres in completely renovated environments.

There's a desire for novelty, but before we do anything new in our homes, we also need to know the style trends for 2021. Rather than repainting yellowed or greying walls in white, let's consider wallpaper. Paper has changed in appearance and texture since the first ones came out decades ago. Today, many are developed with cutting-edge technologies that are perfectly suited to contemporary homes and building materials as well as old buildings, whose style they often respect, allowing for breathability that was once unthinkable.

This is the case with Mineheart wallpapers, a range of styles, a kaleidoscope of visual experiences from which it will be difficult not to find the one that best suits our style and needs. Glittered, marble or wall effect. Like any Mineheart product, wallpapers are designed with luxury and quality in mind. You can be sure that with Mineheart Wallpaper you will love both the product and the service you receive from its professional team. And, out of respect for our planet, for every roll of wallpaper sold, Mineheart plants a tree to help combat global deforestation.

Let's get to know them in alphabetical order.

Animal Wallpaper - Dedicated to nature lovers, the Mineheart wallpaper range allows you to immerse yourself in a fantasy world. Surrounded by piglets suspended in the clouds, squirrels, snakes and various other animals, the idea of the forest will envelop your flat, with different shades to choose from. You can use this style in the living room, the bedroom, but also in the bathroom: by coordinating them with wooden accessories, the water farm effect will be surprising.

Animal Wallpaper

Botanical Wallpaper - If animals don't convince you but you still want a nature effect, go for sheets and plants. And above all, flowers, flowers, flowers! Create a garden corner in your home. Whether on the living room wall, bedroom or study, relaxation is guaranteed. The style is obviously classic, but the colours may not be. The Mineheart palette includes pea green, pink, black and mint, sepia, blue and lilac, peach and orange.

Brick Wallpaper - Bricks, you know, immediately make a home. But if you choose this style on Mineheart you won't find the usual DIY orange bricks. Here the style becomes absolutely contemporary, I prefer the essentiality of the design, without nuances. The colour is clean and bold: petrol and aquamarine, pink and sky blue, or total white. Perfect especially for children's rooms, these wallpapers will be enhanced by contrasting maximalist furniture and accessories.

Brick Wallpaper

Damask Wallpaper - I love the damask wallpapers by Mineheart. I have a soft spot for these papers, I won't hide it. They are definitely original! Forget the classic and stale, boring and invasive papers. Here the damask effect is ensured by plays of light on light or dark concrete, backgrounds of piglets with wings, contemporary elements that seem to come out from video games (skulls, missiles, rockets, cars, ships, coffee cups, Zen symbols, books, ducks, diving masks, musical notes) masterfully assembled in damask style lines on unthinkable colours such as purple and orange or a calmer brown/beige.

Feather Wallpaper - Elegance and lightness, another 2021 trend, these Feather wallpapers are a splendid option for your home walls. Mineheart feather wallpaper comes in different designs to meet all colour themes or any room in your lovely home. You can choose best suited wallpaper from a wide collection of rich shades for a pleasant and graceful theme in your room by your own. This luxury feather wallpaper collections are having different members of the bird species for more inspiration, so that you can have more options to choose from peacock feather wallpaper, simple, beautiful feather designs or designs based on tropical birds. To create these feather pattern wallpapers, the famous designer Kirin Young has explored the many patterns and textures of different birds and feathers. After that he added vibrant colour options to give  feather wallpaper designs a unique look.

Geometric Wallpaper - This geometric wallpaper is a must option if you love to have patterns. Whether you're looking for a bold design or something more subtle, the range will have something to tempt you. Mineheart geometric wallpaper is always popular and our blue colour design comes in different shades including aquamarine, navy, petrol etc. The other colours and shades options we have are black and white geometric wallpaper, pink designs, yellow patterns of geometric wallpaper.

Leaf Wallpaper - The leaf section is very varied. Aiming at these motifs means immersing yourself in natural patchwork, opting for vintage, for backgrounds with paths through trees. The 'Saudade' collection designs represent an accredit message in the form of art. This collection embraces energetic colours on a white background, providing the scope to be a part of any room walls & themes. The Saudade wallpaper collection is a perfect contemporary touch for a living area or restaurant décor adding a touch of José Guadalupe Posada meets Diego Rivera, where they exalt the virtues and duality of the woman.

Versailles - Finally, the last trend in alphabetical order. Transform a wall in your flat into an opulent setting with the Palace Wallpaper Mural designed by Young & Battaglia designed by Young & Battaglia with imagery by John Hammond. The Palace wallpaper is motivated by the wonderfully luxurious interiors and flooring of stately homes and palaces of 18th Century. It portrays an image of a big hall furnished with beautiful wall arts and chandeliers. I find it wonderful with that fireplace in the foreground. What are you waiting for?