Wall Art Ideas For 2024

Wall Art Ideas For 2024

20th May 2020

Wall art is the link between an average and a great living room design. It makes your existing furniture look more classy and contemporary. It complements the colors on your walls and bridges the gap between the floor and the ceiling. A good wall art will always be the backbone of any successful decoration process.

Speaking of decoration processes, every new season comes with its unique décor details, expectations, and processes. The way we were decorating our homes in the last decade may not necessarily be fashionable in 2024 and beyond. There are new décor trends for the next decade that designers and homeowners must learn in order to make the most of their décor processes. Here are some of the trendy wall art ideas for 2024 as inspired by  mineheart career decorators.

Create a gallery wall

The primary reason that makes gallery walls so popular is their ability to bring out a homeowner’s personality and at the same time inject some color and class to a home. It is the perfect opportunity to display your collection of photographs, especially those that show the places you’ve traveled and the life accomplishments you have made. Wall hangings and pieces of art are also great additions to a gallery wall. Going into 2024, ditch the sophisticated frames for the more cohesive, simple, and ornate frames that mixes things up for a better, unique style. It is also trendy to install a wall gallery on the ceiling especially if your ceiling is too close to the floor. That creates an illusion of a high ceiling and spacious living spaces.

Gold Edition Colleciton

Hang a map

It could be the map of your city, county, country, or the entire world. A map is great in that it injects color and extra brightness in your home and at the same time brings in a piece of the outside world into your living spaces. On top of that, they break the monotony of long mono-colored walls and seem to tie the room together in a nice way. In case you don’t like maps, check out some amazing frames at  mineheart design, you will find a wide array of colors, and shapes that come in different sizes.

Create a porcelain gallery

Let everyone see your extensive porcelain collection you bought the last time you visited China. A porcelain gallery is similar to a photo gallery, but it is classier and more ethnic. They bring an unexpected twist to your living room walls and inject extra color to the already beautiful gallery wall.

Clock Plate Clocks

Paint the walls with trendy colors

Some colors are trendier in 2024 than they were in yesteryears. A  Luxury Wallpaper can give your room a unique look. The gray color, for example, is trendier thanks to the neutral effect it has on living room walls. The color comes in many styles and shades, enabling it to blend with vibrant wall art and furniture colors. Another color that you need to consider is Pink as it combines perfectly with almost every interior décor color pattern you can think of. And, of course, all shades of the green color will never fall out of fashion.

Smokey Blue clouds wallpaper

Wall art prints

Combine different posters and art prints to upgrade your living room walls. A modern 2024-worthy gallery wall cannot be complete without sufficient and proper placement of wall art prints. Ensure that you pick the perfect spot to hang your prints.

Madame Blush Canvas Bubblegum Portrait

…Or your children’s art

Adorn the walls of your living room with a collection of your children’s art prints. Your kids will be inspired to work on their artistic skills and talents when you frame their best masterpieces and hang them on the living room or kitchen walls. That will save you money too, so it is a win-win on both sides. Display the art with pride, in a fashionable floor-to-ceiling grid. Be sure to spend generously on modern frames.

Cicely & Mary -Limited Edition Prints

En Dedans Pirouette Avec Des Fleurs- Limited Edition Print

Hang plants

Mount planters on the wall and add some life to the walls. Plants can look magnificent hanging on the walls just as they look on the windowsill or the floor, if not more magnificent. Or you can place them on a nice shelf and maybe put some  grow lights over them, so they can flourish faster. In this way you will give your environment a nice and a fresher look.

Showcase some fabric

A hanging tapestry, vintage  scarves, or any other pretty textile will instill a feeling of softness and calm on your interior walls. They are also stylish and contemporary, just like you will like it in 2024 and beyond.

White Concrete Loveletter Printed Fabric Nature Coloured fabric

Cloud, Girl And Grey Scarf


As we conclude, it is important to know how to hang your wall art with respect to your room sizes. For small spaces, be sure to hang small, even-numbered, and tightly-grouped items. Light colors are also great for tight spaces as they make the illusion of a bigger space. For large spaces, be sure to use larger items and to have wider spacing.