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Unique and Quirky Wall Art | Wall Art Blog | Mineheart

Posted by Faith McMath on 10th May 2023

Finding unique wall art is a fun challenge that we absolutely relish here at Mineheart. We never want interior design to be bland - and quirky wall art is an essential ingredient in creating a special, vibrant and individual interior theme. Something that Mineheart customers are always seeking are bright, colourful and vibrant wall art designs. 

So we are delighted to unveil ten new pop art creations from Kirin Young - the Sunglasses series, Rapunzel collection and three new additions to the Gentil collection of comic book artworks. Below we introduce the new designs and some of their most endearing qualities.

Unique wall art in the pop art style 

Kirin Young is the creative genius behind many exclusive works in the Mineheart collection, from quirky wall art, wallpapercushions and more. He has been working with the Mineheart team for many years now, and his unique style is hugely popular with customers. 

The latest unique wall art from his studio is bright and colourful, emulating the pop art genre. In the four Dotty for You designs, he takes real Renaissance portraits and augments them with a touch of modern-day style - in the form of eyewear.

Dotty for You BAM-POW is a wonderful piece of comic book pop art based on a portrait of Elizabeth Alexeievna, Empress of Russia, who was married to Tsar Alexander I. In this bright blue and yellow artwork she sports a pair of wayfarer sunglasses with a comic book flavour - it looks as though she’s watching a fight between a superhero and super villain. 

In Dotty for You CHEERS, Kirin has enhanced a portrait of Sophia Trip, an oil painting by Bartholomeus van der Helst. Many van der Helst portraits have fetched hundreds of thousands at auction. In this cheeky update, Sophia now wears a pair of shades emblazoned with the word ‘cheers’. She looks remarkably pleased about it! 

Quirky wall art blending classic and modern 

The next quirky wall art design in this series is Dotty for You A BIT RUDE, which features Hortense Mancini, a famous Italian beauty who became mistress to King Charles II. She once fled Italy disguised as a man to escape from her violent husband. Her sunglasses raise a middle finger to the viewer, reflecting the courage and rebellious streak she clearly had in life. There’s something deliciously impertinent about the look in her eyes as she sports this edgy eyewear.

The final portrait in the Dotty for You collection is PIXELS, featuring a noble lady with a wonderful hat, sporting some pixel art sunglasses. She looks particularly happy with her new shades, and she’s clearly more interested in staring at us than the book she’s been reading. These unique wall art designs blend the classical and beautiful with the bright and engaging, for a cheeky and compelling effect in any space. A fantastic look for your walls - either as standalone portraits or part of a gallery wall

Art inspired by a fairy tale 

Also from Kirin Young is a brand new series of unique wall art inspired by Rapunzel, the famous fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. Rapunzel was a girl with magically long hair, who was locked in a tall tower by an evil sorceress. In this series of three quirky wall art works, Kirin Young has given three Renaissance ladies a Rapunzel makeover, updating their hair with comic-book style locks in bold new colours and backgrounds.

Noble Barbra looks very happy with her abstract new waves, as she snacks on a selection of fruit. Her content expression will attract comments and compliments from anyone gazing at this unique wall art.


Noble Isabel has wavy blue hair that’s so long it expands beyond her beautiful ruff and out of the frame. Only our imaginations can limit its reach into the universe. Her fabulous green dress is the perfect addition to this elegant portrait. Finally, we introduce blonde bombshell Noble Ana, who’s received a gravity-defying new blond hairstyle. It seems as though she is standing on a windy cliff top with her long locks flying behind her. She is certainly working this look, with full supermodel vibes. And we’re equally impressed by that fabulous ruff and enormous sleeves. A fabulous way to bring a touch of elegance to your interior space.

Eye-catching art canvases

Comic book pop art is a fantastic genre that adds character and personality in any setting. In our Gentil series, Kirin has blended comic art with classical portraits to create an entirely new visual experience. These three new editions complement the set of eight that joined the Mineheart collection in 2021 - and have proved fantastically popular.

Everyone loves how the addition of some comic book eyes completely change the personality of the emotionless, stiff portraits created in the 17th century. The three new editions are Pop Portrait Gentildonna Green Pink, Pop Portrait Gentiluomo Blue Pink and Pop Portrait Yellow Green. They present three wonderfully cheeky expressions: of sassiness, a dubious eyebrow-raise and surprise/horror!

These quirky wall art designs are available as frameless canvases or with frames. Remember too that most Mineheart items are fully customisable.

Kirin Young - a vibrant pop artist

Kirin Young lives in Bangkok and is an artist and graphic designer. Having grown up in the UK he moved to Thailand to work as a model, and then studied Multimedia Design at Bangkok University.

Kirin has created many Pop Art works in our collection as well as many of our wallpaper designs. His most popular work includes our feather wallpaper collection and New World Damask design. Find out more about him here or learn more about his 2021 designs.

Pop art emerged in the 1950s and became huge in 1960s Britain. This bold new direction saw young artists turn to popular culture for inspiration, with Hollywood movies, advertising, product packaging, pop music and comic books all providing ideas and new directions.

Famous pop artists include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, David Hockney and Takashi Murakami.

Choosing unique wall art for your next project

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