Top Home Design Trends to Check Out for 2024

Top Home Design Trends to Check Out for 2024

Posted by Rebecca Oliver on 29th Jan 2024

The past few years with increasing numbers of people working from home has taught us the importance of interior design. Our homes should be a place to bring joy, security and love.

We’ve compiled what we believe will be the top home interior design trends in 2024. What we noticed is optimism and looking on the bright side is a HUGE, overarching trend. We’ve broken this down to five top looks and how to achieve them. Including owning the basics, making waves with designer wallpaper, why pink wallpaper is the perfect 70s inspiration, smart integration and adding a little luxury.

Keep It Plain but Not Basic

Girl Black Wall Art

Natural, bright, clean and fresh spring to mind with this trend. 2024 will see plain walls, less clutter and minimalist living. Although colour and patterns definitely appear throughout our top trends, we can’t overlook the calming nature of neutrals. All of which can be achieved with designer wallpaper.

For the avoidance of doubt, plain doesn’t mean ‘ basic’. To prevent your plain plans from being a touch boring we would recommend including decorative wall art. Adding a whole dimension to any room with a simple frame or something more surreal is a sure-fire way to avoid your décor being a washout.

Plain is good but surrealist art is the best. Let your imagination run wild and check out options here. Along with designer wallpaper, they’re a perfect introduction to add a detail to catch your eye.

Make Waves with Curves

White Waves Wallpaper

Over the past couple of years, wallpaper has grown in popularity. Now it's time to introduce texture, illusion and embrace curves.

Synonymous with interior trends such as Japandi, curves in the home embrace the shapes we see all around us in nature which can have a calming effect on people in the room.

Check out our designer wallpaper for all the inspiration you may need. Designer wallpaper is key to letting people know you’re not afraid to step outside the norm - whether it’s twists and turns - or even a more straightforward way to achieve that panelled look – designer wallpaper is the answer.

Step back into the 70s

Pink Panelling Wallpaper

Let’s face it, the retro vibes of the 70s have never left, but 2024 sees their official return and they’re better than ever. Bold, strong and bright combined with playful, optimistic prints. This trend reflects our hopes and wishes for a more joyful year both inside and outside the home.

Think small intricate patterns and floral prints. It’s easy to be conservative and remain in your comfort zones with grey and brown tones but it’s time to embrace warm colours such as orange, red and yellow.

If you’re looking to add the perfect groove to your home why not introduce a pop of pink. Did someone say pink wallpaper? We have a huge selection of pink wallpaper from pink patterns to pink alongside grey.

It might be controversial but pink wallpaper is the perfect way to achieve this trend. Either decorate one wall or the whole room - depends how committed you are to this playful, interior trend but we’ll have the perfect pink wallpaper for you.

The smarter the better

King Edison Ghost Wall Lamp

As we continue to strive for an easy life, smart tech isn’t the future - the future is here and now. Smart tech is helping us to realise our dreams as a firm, tangible reality. These days you can control your whole home and everything in it with just a simple hand-held device and 2024 is all about taking advantage of automation.

For example, automated window blinds take away the need for manual operation, meaning they can open early and wake you with natural sunlight, or let you sleep in later on the weekend. PowerView® Automation is a bespoke system that lets you control your window blinds at just the touch of a button.

A sprinkle of luxury

White Bookshelf Wallpaper

Bringing a sophisticated aesthetic to any room, luxurious fabrics such as velvet and corduroy are going to be a hit in 2024.

To achieve this superior design statement, think of ways to upholster chairs and sofas or simply introduce sumptuous accent pieces like cushions and throws. Even adding a feature wall, if you plan to add pink wallpaper, taking inspiration from the 70s trend, make it fancy and achieve a sense of luxury too!

We hope this has left you feeling inspired. Whether that’s to introduce designer wallpaper, home tech, pink wallpaper or luxury elements – you’ll hit the ground running in 2024 and fulfil your home interior desires in the most stylish ways.