The Ultimate 2021 Bedroom Decor Guide

The Ultimate 2021 Bedroom Decor Guide

Posted by Mineheart on 13th May 2021

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Our bedrooms are our most private interior tales, providing insight into our deepest thoughts and feelings, and revealing clues about our inner personalities. If you’re looking for new bedroom décor ideas, this year is a great time to get inspired.

In 2021, there’s big focus on post-pandemic wellbeing, and as people spend more time indoors, turning each space into a functional, beautiful sanctuary is front of mind. Being the place of rest, relaxation and security, the bedroom is perhaps the room that matters the most.

From selecting the right colour palette and deciding your interior narrative to those small finishing touches (that have a big impact), there’s a lot of think about when it comes to bedroom design ideas. Here’s our ultimate guide to getting started…

2021 bedroom colour schemes

Smokey Blue clouds wallpaper

Whether you love 2021’s Pantone Colour(s) of the Year (Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow) or you gravitate towards green or organic, there are so many great colour schemes to explore this year.

Earthy tones can be extremely grounding, making you feel safe, while neutrals are famously restorative, soothing the soul and keeping you calm. Cleaner shades of blue are also being celebrated in 2021, with watery marine hues adding serenity to any style of home.

Then there’s the walk on the dark side, going against everything we’ve ever known in interiors, and flipping the light vs. dark rule on its head. Dark, moody wallpapers are an excellent choice for the bedroom because they are so atmospheric.

Once Upon Our Time wallpaper - Black

If you want your bedroom to be a place where you can shut off from the outside world, the dark interiors trend is one of the most indulgent bedroom décor ideas to embrace. Sumptuous, safe and cosy, dark wallpapers can create a relaxing nook you can call your own at the end of the day.

Ways to incorporate your favourite colour scheme:

  • Wall paint and wallpaper
  • Carpets and statement rugs
  • Bedding, fabrics and cushions

Choosing bedding, upholstery and fabrics

Mineheart Fabric colleciton

With huge focus on mental health and wellbeing, touch and texture are set to play a big role in home interiors in 2021 and beyond. Studies prove that different textures have an impact on our emotions, and things that are soft on our skin are the most comforting in times of sadness or despair.

If there’s only one thing you change in your bedroom this year, make it an upgrade on fabrics. As well as soft bedding, textures matter for your furniture, curtains, cushions and other furnishings.

Textures such as ribbed weave, embroidered fabrics, tweed, wool, jacquard, silk and boucle fabrics can add intrigue to your space, transforming it from flat to lively. If you’re worried about your bedroom looking lacklustre, use layers to build depth and draw the eye to different corners of the room.

Investing in texture is one of the best bedroom ideas for 2021, and it doesn’t always have to be a tactile experience. Choosing wood panel wallpaper or brick effect murals can be just as stimulating from an aesthetic perspective.

Just be sure to have a balance between hard and soft textures to prevent overstimulation. Your bedroom should be a peaceful place after all, and this means letting the mind switch off.

Minimalist vs. maximalist bedroom décor ideas

minimalist bedroom decor

We’ve loved minimalism for a very long time, and although it will always have a place in interiors, there’s an undeniable shift from minimalism to maximalism right now. According to award-winning interior designer Vanessa Deleon (who we recently interviewed), 2021 is the time to pick sides:

“You’re a maximalist or a minimalist – I really don’t see a middle. Would you call that middlism?”

For the bedroom, Scandi or Japandi minimalism can provide a blank canvas for you to empty your thoughts after a long, stressful day. There’s a cleanliness about it. But on the flipside, regencycore and the ‘more is more’ approach can be ultra-luxe, warm and inviting.

Maximalism allows you to express yourself much more, but perhaps there is a way to meet in the middle. If you’re scared of overcrowding, start small with a few pieces of wall art here and there, some designer cushions, and a few ornaments.

If you’re looking for bedroom design ideas that are relevant for years to come, start with a clear design concept from the start. This will be the interior narrative that you’ll follow every time you update your home. Once you have a storyline in place, you can build on this season after season, adding more decorative accessories and switching things up to incorporate new themes or colours.

How to create the right mood with lighting

King Edison Ghost Wall Lamp

To really make your bedroom décor ideas pop, lighting is key. Thanks to the pandemic, everything in our homes – including lighting – has to have a purpose. It was textile designer William Morris who said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Well, today, lighting has to be both of those things. As well as setting the ambience, make sure your choice of light fitting is aesthetically pleasing. We primarily spend time in our bedrooms at night, so your lights are very important.

Some trends to watch this year are vintage exposed bulbs, metal lampshades, designs with reflective gold or bronze finishes, sculptural shades that make a statement, as well as atmospheric wall lights that give you a ‘dark 60s boudoir’ vibe.

The best plants and flowers in the bedroom

bedroom flowers

Plants help reduce stress and anxiety, making them perfect as a finishing touch in the bedroom. In 2021, we’ll see an interesting mix of live plants, faux plants and dried plants, so if you’re not a green-fingered gardener, you can still enjoy nature in your home.

Just the sight of greenery can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and it can even help to keep mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety at bay. This is why dried foliage such as pampas grass, banana leaves and palm fronds are such a great addition.

But if you want to purify their air, some low-maintenance options are the Snake Plant, Spider Plant, English Ivy, the Dwarf Date Palm, Boston Fern, and Peace Lilly.

Other ways to embrace biophillia bedroom ideas:

  • Floral and leafy wallpaper
  • Botanical prints for bedding and cushions
  • Wall art featuring floral fractals and plants