The Mineheart Grain Wallpaper Collection

1st Oct 2019

A Faux Grasscloth Wallpaper Design

This grainy wallpaper design takes inspiration from a popular wallpaper trend from the mid to late 90’s - the grasscloth wallpaper. Grasscloth wallpaper has its name due to it being a wallpaper made from natural materials - often from the grass family. Much like grasscloth, the Mineheart grain wallpaper design has a vertical stripe to it’s design with a rustic touch. This faux grasscloth wallpaper with stripes is available in 7 colour-ways.

Moderna Grain Stripe wallpaper - Blue

Blue Stripe Wallpaper with Grain Design

A deep blue wallpaper design, inky hues of blues and greys with browns and a sparkling silver create a unique texture for your walls.

Moderna Grain Stripe Wallpaper - Light Green

Light Green Grain Effect Wallpaper

A mint green wallpaper design with a vertical grain pattern and a touch of silver that dances in the light.

Moderna Grain Stripe wallpaper - Khaki

Khaki Wallpaper with Vertical Design

Create an earthy ambience with the khaki stripe wallpaper - varying hues of khaki and light brown with a touch of silver sparkle

Moderna Grain Stripe wallpaper - Ivory

Wallpaper With Grain Effect In Ivory

 An ivory white coloured wallpaper with a vertical grain design. A soft pattern for a minimal room design.

Moderna Grain Stripe Wallpaper - Light Blue

Light Blue Stripe Grain Wallpaper

This pale blue wallpaper design has an added touch of glamour with it’s subtle silver sparkle within the vertical stripe design

Moderna Grain Stripe wallpaper - Cream

Cream Stripe Grain Effect Wallpaper

Cream interiors do not need to be boring - this cream wallpaper design has subtle hints of a glittery silver which glisten in the light and brighten up the room.