The MIDAS Results Are In...

The MIDAS Results Are In...

10th Feb 2020

Mineheart's Interior Design Awards have come to an end and our judges have had their say!

The winner for MIDAS 2019 is Lucinda Loya's project, The Italianate Mansion

italian mansion

"The sitting room is lovely, I’m a big fan of dark rooms and the moody atmosphere they can create! The texture in the ceramic green stool is gorgeous and adds a greta pop of colour along with the artwork! And anyone who can paint a room with that much blue deserves a mention, absolutely love it!" 

- Sam Buckley,

"There is something magical about the character inherent in every historic structure – but it takes a delicate eye to honour and preserve it. Lucinda masterfully did just that, while breathing new life into it with a lot of funk, colour, whimsical art and dynamic furnishings. I love the bold statements contrasted against the more traditional look of the kitchen and bathroom spaces – together it makes for a very warm, inviting and interesting space"

- Liz Gaffney,

"The kitchen and bath are magnificent! They have a wonderfully eclectic mix of modern, vintage and quirky and are downright pretty at the same time."

- Lory Bernstein,

"They have skilfully combined colour and art to create a stunningly individual, yet comfortable home. The bright blue gallery wall makes a great impact and combined with the eclectic mix of art and furniture gives the room a really creative yet cosy feel.  The fusion of past and present works really well with touches of colonial, african, south american, victorian shabby chic and exposed brick work... we would love to stay in this house!"

- Young & Battaglia,, @youngbattaglia



The four finalists for MIDAS 2019 consisted of spectacular projects, here's what the judges had to say:

Torno Subito by Bishop Design

torno subito

"What a fun design! Lots of nice details, with a very playful colour palette and some lovely custom fittings and furnishings. So much fun to be had in some commercial jobs and this is certainly one of them! Lots of great visual treats as well as some interesting fabrics and textures!"

- Sam Buckley,, @mrbuckleyinteriors

"The playfulness of this design is palpable – upon first sight, I immediately felt I wanted to explore and experience every inch of the space. The imagination and creativity behind the design is almost indescribable, and the results are tantalizing. The bright colors bring joy to the eye while the multitude of different textures, patterns and finishes excite the mind." 

- Liz Gaffney,, @lizgaffneydesign



Modera Sedici by SRA Interior Design

round rugs uk

"A structure of this size and legacy is no easy feat to redesign. From first glance I felt the richness of culture and history infused into the design. Their ability to maximize the height of the ceilings, blend a wide array of finishes and attend to every detail in the overwhelmingly large rooms is incredible. Every room, every wall offers enticing visual interest." 

- Liz Gaffney,, @lizgaffneydesign

"Fabulously lush and rich without being heavy or overdone. I love the neutral backdrop and that there’s enough space and balance between the more ornate elements, giving them room to breathe and be appreciated. It’s actually rather exquisite. I also like that the rooms are stylistically cohesive."

- Lory Bernstein,, @designthusiasm



London Apartment by Mia Karlsson Interior Design

black feather lamp

"Lots of nice details with inbuilt joinery complementing the original cornicing, and an eclectic mix of styles adds personality and inviting character, making for a very beautiful home. I love plenty of art work in a home and this property has definitely been kitted out by someone with a keen eye for modern styles and flavours. And the fringed console table is gorgeous!"

- Sam Buckley,, @mrbuckleyinteriors

"A great mixture of unexpected contrasts, surprise and intrigue, fusing modern with tribal, and masculine statements with feminine touches. A truly dynamic and eclectic space.  Our favourite spot is the "corridor corner" with the monkey light above the tasseled cabinet!"

- Young & Battaglia,, @youngbattaglia



Apartment in Krakow by Och Ach Concept

white wall decor

"I like the light and airy feel, especially the entry hall, kitchen area and bath. I’m a big fan of white so these clean open spaces particularly speak to me. The bath is fabulous, while the hallway has an art gallery feel to it, a wonderful way to feature the selected artwork."

- Lory Bernstein,, @designthusiasm

"They have successfully achieved a minimal yet luxurious feeling. The blue soft colour pallet and curtains combined with the clean whites and the natural wood works really well and evokes calm.  A great mix of modern lines, accessorised with classical furniture creates a homely yet highly contemporary space."

- Young & Battaglia,, @youngbattaglia