Italianate Mansion by Lucinda Loya Interiors - Mineheart's Interior Design Awards

9th Dec 2019

Italianate Mansion by Lucinda Loya Interiors - Mineheart's Interior Design Awards

A unique residential interior design project

Designed by  Lucinda Loya Interiors

Designs used:  Air Is Not Enough art printMadame Blush art print

In a word, Lucinda Loya is passionate. Spanning design, career, family, charity, her passion is prevalent in all walks of her life. With this passion, Lucinda has built a name for herself as a premiere interior decorator, her Houston-based Lucinda Loya Interiors is one of the most sought after design firms in Texas.


Kentucky project

Year of completion: 2016

The house is located in Cherokee triangle in the Highlands. The home was built in 1875 as an Italianate mansion that had later been divided into a multi-family apartment building, which is very typical of the historic neighbourhood. The design approach was to enhance the authenticity of its bones but at the same time, bring life back into the home that may have been lost through the years with loads of personality. A colour explosion, and contemporary art with attitude, lends itself to quirky, playful. Grandma Chic takes you there!



The interiors seem very ‘modern European’ because modern European is a huge influence on Lucinda’s design aesthetic. She likes implementing characteristics of antiquities and art from all over the world. Her style is eclectic and can lean modern, contemporary and even transitional, along with anything in between. What matters most is that each project is true to itself, the client and remains unique. Others may confuse modern and contemporary. Knowing the difference is the key to creating an eclectic and timeless aesthetic."



A colour scheme did not exist in this house, the only thing I avoided was primary colours as they were not at all an option. Other than that, there were no limits. Although this may sound like an easy task, my approach was very organised and chaotic. Nothing came first when designing this house, that is why it was an organised chaos. Like a symphony, everything came together as long as I stayed true to my time periods.


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