Spring Decor Trends 2024

Spring Decor Trends 2024

Posted by Shaona Kundu on 29th Jan 2024

We're finally on the homeward stretch to warmer weather; the season of pastels and bright days that call for a lot of outdoor exploration. However, you don’t have to restrict your springtime joviality to just spring cleaning. Spruce up your room with spring colour palettes like yellow, lavender, and teal to uplift your drabby mood and give a productive boost to your work schedule. You could transform your interior space with wall art, designer wallpaper, or art prints, the newest sensations in wall décor.

When we think of spring, we immediately vision a yellow-coated room. But you don’t have to turn your room into Tweety Bird’s nest to feel a Spring vibe. It is the season of pastels and innovative wall décor. Luxury wallpapers could add a maximalist dimension to any minimalistic decorated room.

Though cleaning would not be the only spring-themed décor in your room, you still need to make your room feel airy and sunny, so give that duvet a dusting and invest in some quality bed sheets. You could choose a selection of organic cotton bed sheets and skinny blankets from a brand specializing in Luxury bedding. Then, bring out your toolbox or go shopping to beautify your safe sanctuary.

Floral Spring Wallpaper

Spring Pastels with Prints and Textures

The temptation of going overboard when revamping your room is really high . However, the charm of a two-toned room is unmatched. Spring is warm. Hence, your most obvious color choic e for wall décor would be yellow ochre, sunset orange and warm browns. If you don’t want to coat your room with pastel sunshine, you can give your room spring feels with the hottest color ever- teal blue, or seaweed green!

You could change up the monotony by choosing one textured or printed designer wallpaper, while choosing simple, monochrome wallpapers for the rest of the walls. You could pair it up with a yellow futon, with a printed duvet over it for the ultimate spring feels. You could also choose pastel green, one of the hottest shades of this year with the Pantone colors of the year-yellow and gray for a tone-blocked wall décor.

Bright Artworks

If you have opted for single wall designer wallpaper, you could fill your other walls with self-designed artworks or art prints. Make a collage or a mood board of smaller sized art prints, or you could for a larger sized one that would fill the majority of the wall. However, you must not overdo it.

Rays of Spring Canvas

Colourful Pillows & Furnishings

You could jump on the newest organza train and get organza curtains for your room. It would make your room airy and breathable. Cotton is the ultimate comfortable material to lounge in spring. You could add color to your otherwise two-toned, pastel- coated, or monochromatic room by incorporating multiple colorful pillows on couches and beds.

In such turbulent times, we must be mindful of the waste we generate. Choose organic pillows that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Organic Kapok cotton pillows, ecofoam pillows, nimbus pillows, cooling gel pillows, and so on are some of the latest innovations that are available in multiple colors. You could fold luxury bath towels made of pure cotton into small rectangular cubes. Not only do they serve as impressive house décor as towels come in multiple colors, but it is also a neat way to store bath towels.

Bringing The Outside In For Spring: Floral Patterns & Green Hues

You could take up a DIY project and paint the sides and corners of your dressing mirror. It would be a subtle and beautiful way to incorporate spring feels in your room. You may use small art prints to Lace curtains may not be all the rage now. But, you can be a trendsetter by using lace that is similar to the organza trend, but also pretty innovative. Another way to subtly incorporate more spring feels in your room, use floral patterned bed sheets. Spring and florals go hand-in-hand. Also, the patterns would perfectly complement your monochromatic walls. Your decision to switch to organic cotton bed sheets would go a long way in supporting the planet and the community.

Clarendon Wall art

Biophilic Décor

You could bring more potted plants to beautify your room. It would also make your room more breathable, as having plants in the room would increase the oxygen saturation in the room (duh!). You could increase your connectivity to nature by placing carpets that have actual grasses or plants on them. It is common knowledge that taking a walk on bare grass in the morning boosts productivity. Such biophilic décor has been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. If you compare and contrast a grassy rug in the living room with a luxury wallpaper of your choice, it would be the most effortless integration of biophilic décor in your apartment.

Rainbow-tinted Windows and Glassware

You could bring out your creativity and paint some glass vases in acrylic or glass colours. You could also install coloured glass windows. The sunlight passing through them would make your room the ultimate spring haven. You could go for a two-toned room, with monochromatic luxury wallpaper and colourful furniture, or a designer wallpaper with wooden furniture. If your walls look bare, and you want a maximalist approach, you could never go wrong with art prints and  wall décor knick-knacks. In either scenario, rainbow tinted glasses would make all the difference in making your room ready to welcome spring. You could choose white or beige organic kapok pillows to finish the look.

It is easy to give yourself to trends and over decorate your room. Luckily, you do not have to break your bank to include a luxury wallpapered wall, or use sustainable, eco-friendly, organic cotton bedding. Keep some personal touches in the room. Hang a bunch of paperclips in the corner of your mirror. Your basket of trinkets don’t need to go for you to make your room more spring-like. Above all, it is your safe sanctuary.