Make An Impact With Stylish Lighting Design

Make An Impact With Stylish Lighting Design

15th Jan 2020

How To Work Stylish Lighting Into Your Home

The right light can make or break the style of a room, especially if you are using it to show off your carefully curated art, or your on-trend interior design decisions. Both the fixtures and fittings, as well as the type of bulb and the light produced can dramatically change the feel and atmosphere in a room. Let us guide you through the array of luxury lighting available online.

Whether you’re completely renovating in 2020, or just giving a room a bit of a refresh, there are the customary lists of what’s in and also, what’s out for the coming year. Lighting is no different, and there are many predictions for the next 12 months.

A big upcoming trend is for light fittings to be based around geometric shapes. For clean, contemporary and modern dining rooms, geometric designed fittings and fixtures will feature heavily. Unique and stylish, creating an angular retro industrial styling, especially with the addition of Edison bulbs. Circular styled designs will be one of the striking dominant styles.

Many brands have now adopted more wireless technology, as well as the boom in connecting our homes to devices such as Google Home. More advancements mean that we will be able to control more aspects of the light from our smartphones and tablets, more than just on and off and dimming. The position of the light will be able to be moved, as well as completely wireless lamps.

Among the trends seen at Milan Design Week, primarily for furniture, but used extensively in lighting design is glass, with new collections featuring treated, frosted, and coloured glass finishes.

There is an uptake in large, grand designs, statement chandeliers and oversized ornate pendants, such as those seen in upscale hotel lobbies. It is moving lighting away from being purely functional, to something grand, bold, and brave. Bigger is better.

All that being said, there is a movement towards more minimal, clean and unfussy fittings and fixtures. Modern decor is based on cleaner lines, less clutter. Less ornate fittings will work better with such styling, sitting more comfortably in to the surroundings, and adding a tidier finish to the overall look.

Delicate and minimal glass chandeliers will almost definitely become a popular style statement. More like ceiling jewellery, these crystal and glass fittings cast a more ethereal light on proceedings, emulating the look of a waterfall.

Industrial styled fittings have been with us for a while now, and still continues to grow. Bare bulb, minimalist fixtures are perfect for the more city loft style dining room and kitchen, or an understated, but clean, ever-so-cool style, that works so well with bare walls and industrial finishes.

We are seeing a more refined approach to the industrial chic, though. Exposed tubes, pipe work and Edison filament bulbs will still be here, but with a more delicate, luxurious finish. Black finished fittings are becoming one of the most covetable trends for 2020. Available in a variety of styles, and with matte or gloss finishes, these fixtures make an alternative to metallic finished fittings, and remain sleek, stylish and modern.

There will be more texture and variety with fittings that mix textures and materials, and even different size and style of bulbs to give the effect of more dimension and structure. Fittings with wood and metal combined can bring together nature and industrial styles. A mix of organic materials and metal, as well as introducing a sense of biophilia with shapes modelled from nature.

The control we have over the colour temperature of our lighting with new and advanced LED lighting now means we can dramatically alter the feeling of a room, making it feel much warmer, or adjusting the hue and colour of the light for various moods.

The combination of black and gold finishings from 2019 is not going away, and seems to be stronger than ever. Retain the opulence of everything gold represents, but understated glamour is the way forward, with heavy black shades. Black features heavily in all interior design for the coming year.

While considering gold, and other metal finishes, the glossy high reflective style is being replaced with softer brushed metal finishes, which combined again with the ever popular edison bulb, attain that retro vintage styling.

There are a wide range of luxury lighting styles and designs available online, so contact us today to see how we can illuminate your new year!