Library's In The Home

Library's In The Home

9th Dec 2019

How To Create An At-Home Library

Bookworms will know how easily their passion can get out of control - before you know it, there are books all over the house and you can never find the one you want! The only answer is to create a book nook or an at-home library, but where to begin with such a project?

Being able to curl up in peace and quiet with your favourite novel is a wonderful way to pass the time but it can be hard to find a space to call your own in the hustle and bustle of a house.

Have a look around the house to see where you have the room to create your library. Your first step should be to make sure that you have the appropriate amount of storage, investing in built-in shelves or floor-to-ceiling units so you know you’ll have enough room to accommodate your growing collection of books.

The right decor is important as you want to create a calm space where there are no interruptions - and bookshelf wallpaper would be the perfect choice for a library at home.

Make sure you give a lot of thought to the seating arrangements as well, as you’ll want to be comfortable as you read. If you know you might like to have book club meetings at home with like-minded friends, bear this in mind as well and plan your seating accordingly.

In terms of layout, angle the seats towards each other to create a cosy feel in your library. And make sure you pay close attention to your lighting system as you’ll find it hard to read in the dark.

Check out Elle Decor for some at-home library inspiration.