Key Interior Design Trends 2024

Key Interior Design Trends 2024

Posted by Mineheart on 6th Jan 2024

The Mineheart Interior Design Academy is the go-to resource for Interior Designers who want to keep up with the latest trends in interior styling, share ideas and innovations, get new inspiration and be part of a forward-thinking design focused community.

Want to know the interior design trends for 2024 that are going to make your clients’ interiors super-chic and ready for a brighter bolder future, this summer and beyond? We have a round up of the top designs and innovations that can be mixed and matched or alternatively standalone, for a daring designer look in every home.


Maximalist is an interior trend that is boldly Baroque and unashamedly over the top, mixing eclectic accessories and  curious prints with dark Victoriana treasures, rich jewel-like colours and touches of sherbet shades. Think  animal print wallpapers, Victorian style curiosity cabinets, glass display jars and  animal figurines in bubblegum coloured plastic.

English Rose In The Jungle

Be a plant hunter and bring the jungle indoors with giant houseplants in ginormous pots. Shades of lush green are a theme but why not contrast your  colour palettes? Inject a zest of Biba-esque sixties decadence with splashes of  tropical hot hues to invigorate dark forest colours. Hang ancestral style portraits in gilt frames and celebrate the spirit of the over-the-top with fragrantly  floral wallpapers and other natural elements.

Monsieur Mint' Canvas

The Maximalist trend is truly a creative’s paradise. Select key home accessories that are both historic looking and modern, choose prints with a twist of dark humour, cover walls in a mix of neon bright and deep  dark shades or select a kitsch wallpaper for a fabulous feature wall. Take a trip to Wonderland. There is no limit to your imagination with this dark fantasy-fairytale themed trend.

At Mineheart we specialise in eclectic wallpapers, wall art and home accessories with a Modernaissance fantasy feel. Perfect for the abstract art lover, we contrast classical styles with modern graphic design and street art elements for a  surreal look. The Maximalist trend is so inspiring because it is very versatile and open to interpretation. It is about pushing the boundaries of what could work together and using your imagination to time travel through the ages of  elegantly decadent interiors.


With the need for comfort and a touch of cosy homeliness we all need at the moment, Cottagecore is the perfect  home decorating trend to wrap you up in the cosy blanket of home. Think roses around the door and a picket fence and you are transported to simpler times and dreamier days.

Wildflower Pattern Duck Egg Blue Wallpaper

Picture pretty window seats, floral sprig fabrics, wooden beams, driftwood, family photos and glass jars or old bottles filled with freshly picked garden flowers. Knitted throws and  scatter cushions on soft velvet or flower print sofas add extra comfort to the country cottage feel of your living room.

This season the cottage trend is injected with a twist of modernism and a touch of ironic humour however. Think dark cottagecore and you’ll know the score. Choose  ancestoral style portraits with a twist. Select floral wallpapers with giant, even thorny blooms. Create a feature wall in a dark navy or oxblood to contrast with pretty petal colours and chintz fabrics.

At Mineheart we have plenty of quirky wallpapers and wall art to choose from. Choose our printed wallpapers for a cottagey feature wall or select a portrait with a historic look and a punky twist. We are the number one destination for  surreal interiors so if you want to add that touch of eccentricity to your living spaces you’ll find that your design fantasy starts here.

California Home 

Mustard Panelling Wallpaper

Colour is key to the California Home trend. Think warm desert hues of burnt orange, umber, ochre and dusky pink.  Walls can be in combinations of these sandy shore shades.

Minimalist accessories are also important so choose sculptural pieces and  retro wall art in plastic frames. The trend for dried flowers can be a focal point, select blooms in California sunset colours and arrange them in eye-catching fantail displays.

Choose vases in simple shapes and pastel colours to display your floral fantasy. Scatter  cushions around the lounge that could be from a Hamptons summerhouse. Think faded candy velvet covers in round boudoir-style or mid-century modern oblong shapes. The retro look can be amped-up with 70s or 80s style  lamps and G-plan sideboards.

Go luxe with quilted velvet chairs or choose office inspired leather seats with chrome legs. Houseplants should either be large and palm-like in neutral containers made from normcore beige concrete, or miniature versions in pots of natural stone. Natural materials are key to this trend but a touch of  gold and brass will give gilded contrast to this look.

Pink mark portrait - printed Armchair

At Mineheart we have a variety of retro wall canvases and  pop art prints, perfect for that Hollywood Hills look. We also specialise in warm  coloured wallpapers that can turn your space into a haven and transport you to sunset shores where you’ll be California dreamin’.

Elevated Home Office

With so many people working from home at the moment, the  home office has become an important space. It needs to be functional and simple for a focussed mind but also creative for that touch of inspiration. A sleek desk and a stylish yet comfortable  chair are the key pieces, but thinking about the wall space is also important.

A cute memo board and a few pictures to inspire are essential for an elevated office space, after all you’re going to be looking at those walls throughout the day! Selecting the right  wall art can transform a room and choosing a quirky print will brighten your mood. Alternatively you could choose a bold  wallpaper that you truly love. Go for a daring print throughout or choose one wall and keep the others simple.

Rustic Wood Effect Panel Wallpaper Grey and Blue

It is worth thinking about the colour of your walls when planning a home office. Contrasting  dark and light colours can elevate a space. Selecting a dark navy to pair with a light dusky pink would look elegant. Or why not try the Pantone  colour of the year suggestions, stony grey and lemony yellow, to give your study zest.

Add some interest to your office with some colourful  home accessories. We have several sculptures and ornaments in bright hues, including the colours of the year. Bringing the outside inside with a few plants will also help to invigorate the mind and lift the spirit, making your working environment a  multi-purpose space.

Twist Wallpaper

Lighting is key to take your office to the next level. Optimising natural light is a must, as is choosing the right lamps for a touch of style and function.

At Mineheart we have a wide variety of inspiring wall art, wallpapers, lighting and quirky  home accessories to make your home office a hygge haven and a creative space you’ll want to retreat to everyday.