Ketchup designed by Bishop Design - Mineheart's Interior Design Awards

Ketchup designed by Bishop Design - Mineheart's Interior Design Awards

9th Dec 2019

An eclectic combination of comfortable and organic forms 

Designed by Bishop Design

Designs used: King Edison pendant lamp

Ketch Up was to encapsulate the homegrown Russian brand's philosophy, spearheaded by the most renowned chef in Russia, MasterChef TV presenter and international restaurateur Alexander Belkovich, of creating a dining experience that would provide, not only a tastebud teasing F&B offering, but an engaging and party-like atmosphere intriguing of all the senses. Our ultimate goal for the interior was to represent all traits of a modern life set within a megalopolis, creating a lifestyle more so than just a restaurant, that everyone can enjoy.

The venue was to become an integral addition to the recently established Bluewaters Island. Envisaged to be a hotspot destination for tourists and residents alike, Bluewaters adopts a unique edge to Dubai’s personality as it aims to become irresistible to all. Ketch Up was to synergize with the aspirations of Bluewaters and become a dining venue that would naturally attract an audience, not solely through their food and beverage offering, but moreover an alluring design that would pose impossible to resist. 

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There was a strong desire to encompass different experiences across the venues two levels, yet maintain a seamless physical and visual journey for the guests as they explore every crevice. The chefs and the offering were to be the focus on the lower level, whereby a more exclusive nightlife vibe could be experienced upstairs through the incorporation of lounge seating, dedicated bar and uninterrupted panoramic views of Dubai’s ever-expanding skyline. Thoughtful consideration was dedicated to creating a synergy that would run throughout the entire venue, and how guests could migrate between the two separate yet homogenous entities without feeling alienated.

Every element within is well thought-out and functional, however at the same time incredibly refined and aesthetically pleasing.

The interior design style and direction was to appreciate and integrate natural materials and live vegetation combined with slightly more aggressive shapes and structures. Furniture is an eclectic combination of comfortable and organic forms which create an original setting, and engaging unique lighting features suspend from the ceiling in a captivating visual showcase. 

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A key design feature is the beautifully formed stairwell which connects the ground and upper levels. The wood panelled installation stands as a seamless transportation as guests migrate through the differing offerings, all the whilst maintaining a visual and physical synergy throughout. The whole visual dynamic starts to morph as one transcends from the food orientated theatrics below to an elegant night-time destination, infused by music and mixology.

The bar area boasts a fret cut panel ceiling which becomes inverted across the embossed floor in the creation of a positive and negative inversion. Perforated copper along the bar creates a softer dynamic against the rough patterned lines. Beautifully capped hand formed crackled glazed lava stone expands across the bar top surface, providing a bold colour punch yet is refined through the hand crackling. This unique volcanic material strikes a balance between raw and refinement with its beautiful vibrant spirit. A great social hub has been created as guests are naturally drawn in from the moment they enter the staircase threshold. 

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Materials for each zone have been selected to visually highlight the different experiences within. Solid naturally diverse red cedar tables establish the casual dining status below, whereas plush velvets and opulent leathers encourage customers to sit back & relax upstairs as the sun sets over Dubai’s dramatic skyline and the evening hours take precedent.

The contrast between the two entities give way to maximum satisfaction for all customers, whether they crave a morning coffee, lunch by the sea or an extended evening sitting with unbeatable views. The venue also becomes an entity that morphs throughout the day, allowing varying offerings to different crowds. It’s this versatility that has elevated Ketch Up as a constant F&B hotspot destination. 

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Ketch Up fits perfectly into its demographic, offering up a captivating food and drink experience. A hybrid of restaurant/bar & daytime/night-time that is accessible for all end users who appreciate the relaxed daytime dining encounters, as well as those craving the livelier side of Dubai and what that can offer through exclusive experiences.

Bluewaters Island and inherently Ketch Up has been frequented by both local’s and expats, an uncommon trait as the majority of venues in Dubai have a tendency to become too one-sided in their offering. With the split levels, any customer can enjoy the atmosphere Ketch Up has to offer. The food may be casual, but the experience created is an unprecedented addition to Dubai’s food and beverage scene. Perfectly accompanied with mesmerizing views, Ketch Up has become a desirable destination for all. 

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There are subtle plays and twists evident throughout on elements that we consider to be the norm but have now been adapted to create visually striking effects. Twists include the Richard Orlinski sculpture which greets guests as they enter in its exhibition of a slightly wild nature; naturally enticing them as they become infatuated by the beautiful and dynamic structural forms. Copper cooking pots have been flattened in the creation of an artistic wall installation, and a concrete based flooring inlayed with distressed carpet with poured resin over the top, giving the impression of an encapsulated carpet that encompasses the entire surface.

The bar capped lava stone was quarried from a national park in Volvic, France. Vehicles are restricted from entering the heritage area, so the stone had to be acquired by hand. The stone is so unique in the fact that it is the only one in the world that can withstand 100,000 degrees which allows the glazing to show crackled & cracked without the material becoming physically distorted.

We have intelligently translated Ketch Ups origins into a day and nighttime location frequented by residents and tourists alike. Elegant with an edgy attitude, Ketch Up has become an alluring dining destination for all those craving unique experiences. Where the secret to success is in the details, from the hand formed crackle glazed lava stone surfaces to the wood paneled staircase which becomes an enchanting transformation for guests as they travel along the venues vertical dynamics, Ketch Up is Dubai’s latest F&B hotspot that satisfies all dining and party desires.

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