Interiors inspiration: Halloween chic - it's spookily good

Interiors inspiration: Halloween chic - it's spookily good

Posted by Faith McMath on 27th Aug 2021

We love Halloween - it's our annual chance to embrace the darker, gothic side of life. And once you've explored some of the spookier pieces in the Mineheart collection, you'll want to keep them all year round.

Let’s take a look at some of the weird, eerie, kooky and creepy designs in the vaults of the Mineheart mansion....

Spooky wall art

Portrait of Black and Red Butterfly on Man Submerged 6 Black Lady Wall art

Search the Mineheart wall art collection to explore many different styles of art - from monochrome pieces to Modernaissance prints and dreamlike surreal works. We have something for every taste, from the dark and edgy to the beautifully mysterious.

Our black portraits instantly darken the mood of your space. Take a look at Submerged Lady Black for a creepy piece of art, or if you have a thing about insects, Black and red Butterfly on Man will give you a chill!

The Monster Wall art At The Clarendon Wall art

If your taste is a little more surreal, the Maximillion collection has a supernatural vibe. The Monster is straight out of Mary Shelley, while At The Clarendon evokes something witchlike and serpentine.

Perhaps you are looking for something less subtle, in which case our Bubblegum Skull poster might be just the thing, or perhaps the Da Vinci Skull featuring faces from his famous works?

Or, if you like your artwork to be a little softer - yet still haunting - take a look at the collection of luxury wall art by Himitsuhana. Her pieces The Waiting and Unwanted Guests both have a sense of the unknown about them.

Dark Decor

Dark wallpapers aren’t just for a haunted house. Black wallpaper can be surprisingly cosy and welcoming for any space in your home. Part of the essence of Halloween is retreating to the safety of home at the end of the evening.

Black panel wallpaper options combine both that feeling of closeness with olde worlde charm. Take a look at our anthracite panelling wallpaper or charcoal victorian panel wallpaper for perfect examples that will give your home a strong look.

Anthracite Panelling Wallpaper

for a softer touch, take a look at feather wallpaper designs such as peacock feather black and white - or for something more pumpkin-like, how about the brown and orange feather design.

Other fabulous options are the wrought iron wallpaper design and the black chesterfield wallpaper, for dark decor that fools the eye with texture and intricate detail.

The secret to creating a cosy home, avoiding the Dracula’s castle look, is to pair your dark wallpaper designs with soft furnishings and warm lighting.

Lighting and accessories

A statement piece of lighting will always transform the atmosphere of your space and can give it a darker twist if you wish. Our designer lighting will really help set the mood. What could be more perfect for a Halloween decor theme than the King Edison Ghost Pendant Lamp?

King Edison Ghost Pendant LampWaterloo Table LampKing Edison Ghost Trio Pendant LampAll Black Feather Table Lamp

A miniature chandelier is suspended inside a hand-blown black glass shade, giving it a ghostly feel. The golden candles inside only become visible when the lamp is turned on.

Other options for your dark and gothic lighting themes are the Waterloo table lamp in black and the black feather table lamp or pendant lamp, which bring a flash of 1920s glamour to your theme.

Remarkable Rugs

The right rug will add a whole new dimension to your interior design. For dark and dreamlike flooring we have two wonderful options.

The Kashan Remix Black Rug is a twist on the classic Persian rug, taking the classic persian pattern and adapting it into shades of black and grey for a new, contemporary look. It’s the pinnacle of style and quality.

Japanese Repose Rug Black Persian Faux Cowhide Rug

Or will you choose our hugely popular Black Persian Faux Cowhide Rug? Imagining the mythical beast that could be the source of this amazing hide is a true test of your creativity. Its velvety texture will add softness and comfort to your dark decor theme.

Statement spooky furniture

The Mineheart design team loves an edgy look, and in our furniture range we’ve certainly embraced some darker tones. If you love a historical edge to your decor, or even a touch of the burlesque, you’ll love our corset armchair.

This design emulates the strict dress codes of days gone by, with a leather corset laced with ribbon. A huge statement piece for any room.   

    Black Mark Portrait - Printed ArmchairMaria CabinetCorset Armchair

Other furniture pieces that will really enhance a Halloween theme include the Elizabeth cabinet, the Catherine side table or the black mark armchair.

For additional home accessories with a supernatural twist, look at our clock plates. Evoking the relentless tick-tock of clocks in silent stately homes, these designs are based on vintage clock designs in a stark monochrome. Choose your favourite or display the set of all three.

Cushions, candles, scarves

Candlelight and comfort are the finishing touches for your Halloween Home. Explore our collection of accessories to complete a look you'll love.

Our popular range of candles have a touch of darkness about them, with each box featuring a blindfolded portrait. But their scents are far from freaky - choose from sandalwood, lavender, cashmere to create an ethereal and mesmerising scent in your home.

To add to the theme and texture of your Halloween space, a few cushions will always pack a punch. Explore our cushion collection to find the most appealing designs to match your decor.

       Celia Cushion      Oud Wood Soy Scented Candle Edith Cushion

            Grace CushionNight black clouds Cushion

Don’t miss the haunting designs of Celia and Edith, both of whom are missing important parts of their faces - a deliciously creepy option for your chair or sofa. Another great choice is the Night Black Clouds cushion, which is highly atmospheric yet beautiful.

Don’t forget to give your own outfit a Halloween makeover too. Our silk scarves are perfect as a floaty and ethereal accessory, especially if you choose some of the darker designs in the collection. The Black Marble scarf is a beautiful choice, as is the Sitting Man scarf design.

Set your Halloween scene

Halloween doesn’t have to be tacky and garish. It can be something altogether more sophisticated, atmospheric and visually pleasing. Create something different and compelling in your home - that suits your personality and style perfectly - with a little bit of Mineheart magic.