How to Choose Perfect Wallpaper for Your Space

How to Choose Perfect Wallpaper for Your Space

Posted by Mineheart on 1st Nov 2020

How to Choose A Perfect Wallpaper for Your Space

Updating a room in your home can be very rewarding - it gives you a real sense of achievement and daily pleasure. But it’s a responsible job. How do you choose the perfect wallpaper for your space?

Make the wrong choice and you might end up redecorating all over again - and nobody needs that hassle in their lives. Here are Mineheart’s top tips to help you choose the right wallpaper.

Shall I wallpaper the whole room or just one wall?

This is a big decision that will affect your choice of wallpaper. Using wallpaper on one wall creates a feature wall, which lends itself to a bolder, more brightly coloured wallpaper design.

So if you’re drawn to colourful wallpaper or bold geometric wallpaper designs, this could be a great solution. Sometimes wallpapering every wall in a high impact, luxury wallpaper can be a bit overwhelming.

If you’d prefer to wallpaper the whole room, you might prefer to choose a more subtle print or colour that creates a good background effect.

What wallpaper makes a good feature wall?

Many of our designs are there to make a statement, whether it’s through bright colours like this pink Chesterfield design or an impactful print like the popular cast iron wallpaper or a blend of colours like this back to nature wallpaper.

The secret is to find a design that you really love and that will transform your space.

Botanical Chinoiserie White and Purples Wallpaper

What style of wallpaper should I choose?

There are so many styles available, it helps to narrow down your preferences a little. What kind of a home do you live in? If it’s an older home, especially if it’s Victorian or Georgian, you can take inspiration from classic interior design - perhaps you’ll go for a vintage style botanical wallpaper which is very on trend at the moment.

Another great trend is panelling wallpaper - and for an older home you can even choose authentic Georgian or Victorian wall panel designs.

If you live in a more modern home there’s no reason why you can’t call on these classic designs - but equally you might choose something more edgy and eyecatching depending on your taste.

If you like uber modern and edgy luxury wallpaper, look at geometric designs, wood panelling wallpaper and brick designs. If you have a more artistic temperament, you might like damask wallpaper designs, or perhaps cloud wallpaper.

What colour wallpaper should I choose?

The colour of your wallpaper is your next important choice. Start by deciding if you want to go for a light or pastel wallpaper, or if you prefer dark decor.

Grey and silver wallpaper is still a huge trend at the moment - but at Mineheart we always encourage you not to be like everybody else!

There are so many colours and shades to choose from. You can take a cue from something already in your room - curtains or furniture for example, or you can seek out a wallpaper design that you really love and style the rest of the room to complement it.

Here’s where research comes in - explore Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. You’ll soon start shaping what you like and dislike.

What wallpaper is good for a small space?

Wallpaper can really transform a small space - a reading corner, the top of your stairs, a downstairs loo.

Our bookshelf wallpaper is really popular for this kind of project. It creates the illusion of more space and the feel of a secret library. You can either go for a realistic bookshelf design or a stylised white version, a sepia version or even a photocopy style.

Vintage bookshelf wallpaper from Mineheart

How much should I spend on wallpaper?

With wallpaper, price is usually a good indicator of both quality and design ethic. Expensive wallpaper will be well made, long lasting and have real clarity of pattern.

Cheaper wallpapers may be more difficult to install, more likely to tear or have a blurred pattern.

If you’re choosing to decorate a feature wall or a small space like a reading nook, you can opt for a luxury wallpaper that creates a real impact.

How do I choose the right wallpaper design?

The next step is to get  wallpaper samples. Don’t skip it - it’s crucial in helping you appreciate how each colour, pattern and texture will work in your room.

Pin the samples up on the wall and leave them there for a few days. That way you’ll get a sense of how they look at different times of the day. Some wallpaper can look totally different in electric light compared with daylight.

Do the colours or pattern create the right feel in your room? Is it cosy or spacious? How does the wallpaper sample look against your furniture, flooring and other home accessories?

White panelling wallpaper from Mineheart

How much wallpaper do I need to order?

Wallpaper usually comes in a 10 metre roll and is 53cm wide. For a feature wall, measure the width of the wall and divide by 53cm to get the number of ‘drops’ you need. Then measure the height of the wall, excluding skirting boards and cornicing. Add another 15cm for trimming. Then multiply the two together to work out the overall length of wallpaper you need.

If there’s a pattern you need to allow for lining up the different drops to continue the design. This varies by wallpaper. Our advice is to buy at least one more roll than you think you need - you can always return any paper that’s not needed.

How can I show off my fabulous new room?

Well, we love nothing more than seeing how people have transformed their homes with luxury wallpaper. Get straight onto Instagram and share that room! And don’t forget to tag us in via  @mineheartdesign.

We’re certainly not alone. Interior design, room updates and wallpaper projects are huge online, and it’s very addictive. Spend a while exploring instagram and you’ll soon be updating another room in your home!