Home Decorating Style Ideas: Autumn all year round

Home Decorating Style Ideas: Autumn all year round

Posted by Faith McMath on 31st Aug 2021

Lots of us agree that autumn or fall is our favourite season. Just think of long walks through fallen leaves, golden sunshine on multi-coloured leaves, morning mists and digging out forgotten knitwear.

Autumn is all about hot chocolate, scarves, fireworks and cosy comfort - what better feeling is there to capture in your home decor? If autumn is your thing, consider embracing its colours, textures and ideas in your home decor. Here we share some autumnal inspiration.

Autumn Wallpaper ideas

Embracing autumnal colours in your wallpaper is the perfect way to update your space and bring in that cosy feeling. Yellows, browns and oranges are warm, comforting and will go with anything. Choose a single shade as an accent colour to build the theme for your room.

Let’s look at some autumn-inspired wallpaper options.

The Feather Pattern Brown and Orange Wallpaper designed by Kirin Young has a chocolate orange richness with the added texture and softness of feathers. The multiple tones of russet brown, chestnut and amber with black gives a warming fireside ambience that will mesmerise you as you relax into your surroundings. This design would make a wonderful bedroom wallpaper, or a source of texture and depth for a living room or dining area.

Feather Pattern Brown and Orange Wallpaper

There are other autumnal options in our feather wallpaper range too. For a bolder pattern that reflects the beauty of the natural world, take a look at Peacock Feathers Black and White - it has a monochrome theme with yellow and orange tones to the iconic 'eyes' of the peacock feather.

Another popular choice is Exotic feathers Yellow and Blue which features yellow tones with an occasional flash of an exotic blue - like looking up at autumn leaves framed by a cloudless sky.

For a lighter toned luxury wallpaper design, our Back to Nature wallpaper in parchment is a great choice. It embraces natural shades as well as leaves, flowers and all kinds of wonderful creatures.

Rustic Wood Effect Panel Wallpaper Brown MINEHEART   Rustic Wood Effect Panel Wallpaper Beige and Cream

A totally different approach to creating a cosy autumnal vibe is to explore wood effect wallpaper designs. Is there anything more comforting and warming than a log cabin? Bring that natural wood beauty to your home with Rustic Wood Panel wallpaper, or look at the multi-tonal shades of Rustic Wood Beige and Cream or even Wood Effect Panel Cream.

Once you’ve chosen your designer wall decor, it’s time to look at other ways to bring that autumnal flavour into your home.

Seasonal wall art

A well chosen piece of art can influence the whole atmosphere of your space. You could bring in a touch of autumn without overhauling your decor, with an autumnal-toned canvas print.

There are some wonderfully sepia and orange toned designs in our wall art collection, including two fascinating pieces from Maximillion: Amanita Virosa and Spore.

Amanita Virosa Wall art  Spore Wall art

Maximillion’s surreal wall art is a unique blend of pop art, surrealism and collage, creating colourful and thought provoking artworks.

Many of his pieces are based on imagery of beautiful women and men, from 18th century French portraiture to 1940’s and 50’s film stars and pin-up girls, with their bodies and faces hidden behind jewels, feathers and other objects, creating something new and fascinating. You will notice something new every time you look at these designs.

Himitsuhana is another favourite Mineheart artist, and again some of her works fully embrace the autumnal colour scheme. Take a look at The Heron Maiden for a beautifully toned, fascinating image that will perfectly complement your interior design.

Or, for a ‘Harvest’ feel, take a look at Strange Fruit, again embracing natural tones with a splash of lemon yellow for extra impact.

The Heron Maiden -Limited Edition Print

Other popular wall art options that embrace the browns and oranges of autumn include:

Orb of Pleasure Orange Lady - in this Young & Battaglia design a Renaissance lady’s face is obscured by a mysterious orange orb, making us wonder what’s happening to her and how she feels about it.

Portrait of Orange and Green Butterfly on Lady - another Young & Battaglia artwork, part of a series where 17th Century aristocrats are seen with giant butterflies resting on their faces, as if they are part of an elaborate and beautiful masked ball.

Lady Puzzled Brown and Black Dress - is part of a new collection of works by Kirin Young, where four individual portraits are blended into one, with a bright and vibrant background. This edition features earthy oranges and browns together with bright flashes of green and blue.

Autumnal Rugs

It's the soft touches and flourishes that make a house a home. These additional boosts will finish the cosy look you're aiming for.

For an autumnal rug design, take a look at Autumn Morning Rug - the perfect addition to your theme.

Autumn Morning Rug

The iconic Persian rug design is brought up to date with the addition of amber polka dots in this tufted rug by Young & Battaglia. The contrast of the traditional winding woven floral motifs with the bright geometric pops of colour creates a 21st century take on a classic design. The perfect centrepiece for your autumnal theme!

The Goat Rug is a circular rug option that would complement your autumn theme perfectly.

A noble lady with the head of a goat poses thoughtfully in the middle of this brown and gold design.

Or, take a look at the Kashan Remix Landscape Rug - a more golden take on the autumn colour palette. Think dawn mists in October...

Autumn Accessories

For a couple of perfect final pieces to complete your new look… let’s start with the Concrete Stool. Inspired by petrified wood, the log shape for this piece was originally carved by hand to reproduce a natural tree stump shape - complete with all the irregularities expected such as cracks, bark and branches. It creates a wonderful natural seat or footstool in any space.

Concrete StoolOud Wood Soy Scented Candle

And don’t neglect your other senses in bringing the autumn in. Not only will the Oud Wood Scented Candle create a wonderful aroma of essential oils, but its packaging features a beautifully surreal drawing of a deer with branched antlers by illustrator Courtney Brims.

Just light the wick, sit back and enjoy the cosy autumnal atmosphere of your home.