Home Decorating Ideas to Get You Inspired

Home Decorating Ideas to Get You Inspired

Posted by Mineheart on 5th Apr 2021

You’ve seen the beautiful homes on Instagram with bold colours, you’ve flicked through the magazines showcasing gallery walls, and you’ve watched every episode of Grand Designs. But knowing where or how to begin with your own interiors can be hard.

Turning interior design ideas into reality takes vision, an eye for detail, and knowledge of products on the market. This is especially important if you’re starting from scratch and working with a complete blank canvas.

But not every home design project has to leave you scratching your head. Here are 5 home decorating ideas that can be easily emulated. All you need are a few key products and the knack of layering under your belt…

1. Scandinavian minimalism

Whitewash Panelling Wallpaper Wood Effect

It’s one of the most coveted looks in recent years. But let there be a disclaimer: this home style is not for hoarders. If you’re a collector of things, storage is your best friend. But if you don’t have the space to house your growing museum of trinkets, minimalism isn’t for you.

Scandinavian minimalism is however, very well suited to those who appreciate simple living. If you’re an eco-warrior who believes in reducing consumption, someone who spends a lot of time travelling, or just a very clean and tidy person, this interior story has your name on it.

Because the trick here is to adopt minimalist design as a way of life, not just a concept for aesthetic value. If you can do that, a few key pieces is all you’ll need.

Top tip for minimalism!

The simple addition of some hanging pendant lights can transform an otherwise flat space into an intriguing setting. By keeping everything else simple and free from frills, you can create a relaxing ambiance that oozes modernity.

Gold King Edison Grande Pendant Lamp

King Edison light fixtures by Young & Battaglia are simple yet impactful. They have the ability to blend in seamlessly with your interiors, while also being full of grandeur to elevate a very basic room.

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2. Modernaissance home decorating ideas

Cauldron Table Lamp

As if the Renaissance wasn’t progressive enough. There’s now a modern (and more rebellious) adaptation that’s best suited for a dull, tired home. The term “modernaissance” covers anything from the fervent period of cultural, artistic and economic rebirth. But with a twist.

This is one of the most unique interior design ideas for the modern home. If your space lacks excitement, if it is vacant of all personality, and if it simply leaves you indifferent, it’s time for change. And modernaissance décor is the number one ingredient you need for a total revival.

So what is modernaissance all about? Think classical portraits violated with paint splatterstongue-in-cheek artwork that doesn’t worry about offending, and non-traditional poses that capture a subject’s mischievous side.

Top tip for modernaissance interiors!

Don’t be afraid to go ornate with your finishes. This style is the opposite of minimalism, so take a maximalist approach and remember, more is more.

Air is Not Enough Canvas  Air is Not Enough Gold Edition Canvas

This Air Is Not Enough Canvas is an exclusive collaboration between Himitsuhana and Mineheart. It is available to buy with a gold or black ornate frame.

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3. Botanical-led design

Wildflower Pattern Pea Green and Colours Wallpaper

With the rise in biophilic architecture and interiors, people have gone mad for botanicals in every form. This is the return of the florals, a movement that will make your grandmother’s old chinoiserie style dining room the most coveted thing on Instagram.

Flowers have always been a timeless feature in homes, but there’s never been a more important time for botanical prints to shine. What’s even more exciting is that fractals, which are repetitive patterns found in nature, are said to de-stress people.

By adding an organic element to your home design, you can forge a connection with nature, bringing the beauty of the outdoors in. Florals are also great because they’re so easy to use, and are suitable for every room in the house.

Top tip for botanical interiors!

Floral patterns can be dizzying when used on multiple walls, especially if ergonomics is not on your side. If you’re working with a small space, try using botanical wallpaper for a feature wall instead.

Kilburn Heritage cream and lilac wallpaper

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4. Mid-century mod

Yellow Mark Portrait - Printed Armchair  Light Blue Mark Portrait Printed Armchair

In this storyline where contemporary meets retro, the spotlight is on your furniture. Did you know the legs on your armchair speak volumes? Or how about the curves of your chaise longue? And the clean, sharp angles of your coffee table?

Seating is a big deal in any mid-century interior setting. So make sure you leave enough space for designer chairs and stools to stand out. They should be placed centrally in the room, and should be harmonised with a high-end rug.

If you’re looking for home decorating ideas that are ultra-modern but also timeless, the mid-century modern trend is one that can be easy to pull off. Just make sure a good proportion of your budget is allocated to furniture if you want to make a statement – and complete the retro narrative with some patterned wallpaper.

Top tip for a retro home!

Mid-century mod captures design trends popular between the period of roughly 1933 to 1965, but with a lot of focus on the 1950s and 60s. So invest in wall art that depicts this time period, such as pop art.

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 Lulu Chair

Lulu Chair(in Dusky Pink, Emerald Green or Grey velvet)

Brittany Brooks - Limited Edition Print

Brittany Brooks Limited Edition Print by Agent X

5. Interior design ideas from around the globe

Rose Garden Rug

Global style is taking over, and this means embracing other design elements and beautiful creations from other countries. In a time where there are many social and political challenges, solidarity is important.

If you’re a world traveller, an intrepid explorer or a serious culture vulture, this home style is for you. The good news? It’s not rocket science to pull off. In fact, the global interiors trend is pretty forgiving in its format. Because anything goes. As long as it’s beautiful, useful or culturally meaningful, it has a place in the home. So let yourself be inspired by Spanish tiles, Japanese art, French Renaissance furniture, Dutch oil paintings, and more. This style of design is a collector’s dream. If minimalism doesn’t work out, go global instead and let your inner eclectic-self roam free.

Top tip for global interiors!

Take your travel-inspired home decorating ideas to the next level by investing in high-end pieces that can form a focal point in the room. Rugs are a great investment as they last for many years, and the difference between a low-quality rug and high-end rug makes all the difference.

Japanese Repose Rug

This Japanese Repose Rug by Himitsuhana has a medium soft pile for a mix of luxury and practicality.

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