Embrace The Goth Trend In Your Decor

Embrace The Goth Trend In Your Decor

Posted by Faith McMath on 20th Feb 2023

Night black clouds wallpaper

Here at Mineheart we revel in the different, the delightful and - sometimes - the dark. For us, the ideal home is one that reflects the personality of the person who lives there. Reject the bland and banal - choose your own path for your home decor. In this blog, we encourage you to discover the Goth trend and see how it might work for you and your interior design.

What Is The Goth Trend?

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The Goth style emerged in the late 1970s as punk gave way to new musical styles. The first Gothic rock bands were highly influential in launching this trend, namely Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure and The Damned.

The ‘look’ was all about black leather, lace, unruly black hair, pale faces and heavy make up. The ultimate aim was to create an air of mystery and seriousness.

It’s a lasting trend and Goth Style just keeps coming back. In recent months it has been boosted by Netflix series Wednesday - a fabulous celebration of all that is Goth. The goth trend is all about choosing your own path and finding a route for self-expression.

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What are goth styles for interiors?

The emphasis is definitely on the dark for a gothic interior. But there’s more to it than just black wallpaper and paint.

The goth trend brings in an antique, almost mediaeval look. Think heavy oak and other dark wood, plus stained glass and ornate features. The fabrics in a goth style interior are often very tactile - velvet, satin, lace and leather.Minimalism is not a feature in a goth style home. Seek out eclectic wall art, table lighting, cushions, candles, rugs and ornaments to deliver high visual impact. Take a look at the @gothic_home Instagram account for inspiration and ideas.

Portrait of Black and Red Butterfly on Man  Man with Tongue out 1 Framed Printed canvas

Are there gothic style wallpapers?

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to introduce a gothic and dark theme to your interior. Our black wallpaper collection is the perfect place to start. The black Chesterfield design brings an opulent studded leather effect that’s ideal for a bathroom, dining space or bedroom, that brings back a feeling of olden times.

 For a softer but equally sensual effect explore our feather wallpaper designs - these emulate a real gothic style for your living space or bedroom. Other designs worth a look for your gothic theme are our bookshelf and wood panelling wallpapers, both of which give a sense of times gone by that are in keeping with this style.

Finally, the love letter and night black clouds designs are worth a look as part of your research. This Pinterest board from WhatisGothic is a great source of inspiration too.

Where can I buy gothic wall art?

For gothic style art there are plenty of options to consider in finding the right pieces to match your taste and personality. The emphasis is usually on the sombre, but we have a few playfully dark pieces of art in our collection, including the Angela Rossi animal prints which pose all kinds of creatures in regal and military outfits.

You might like to explore Renaissance style art, parody pieces or take a more modern twist with dark and mysterious gothic designs from the likes of Stefano Bonazzi or Maximillion.

Under Moss and Stones Wall art  Nightmare 3

Some of Himitsuhana’s works also have a gothic style, with an emphasis on dreamlike images and imaginative fantasy art.

Your choice of frames will make a big difference too. Go for something ornate and metallic, or carved wood to meet that goth trend. 

What accessories fit the Goth Trend for interiors?

The accessories you choose for your home are all important to really cement the goth style you’re going for.

Start with your lighting. Tasselled lampshades, gold fittings and smoked glass are all great places to start. Our King Edison Ghost Lamp couldn’t be more perfect, with its tiny golden chandelier inside black glass. For a softer, boudoir look, see the black feather lamp, available in pendant or tabletop options.

Next, think about your flooring. The right rug plays a big role in setting the tone of any room, and works as a focal point both on hard flooring or carpet. To emulate the goth trend, explore classic designs such as a dark persian rug - or perhaps options in red, dark green or even purple.

A faux cowhide rug can also add real intrigue to your goth style theme. Our collection includes various dark artworks represented as rugs, with our new ‘Urbex’ editions using photography of abandoned buildings such as a church and disused mental hospital to create a sombre atmosphere. Perfect for that goth vibe.

King Edison Grande Ghost Pendant Lamp

Where can I buy gothic ornaments and other accessories?

Don’t overlook sculptures and ornaments as important aspects of your goth trend interior. Candlesticks, figurines and ceramics will all add character to your room.

Look for antiques and replicas that create a sense of time gone by, with an air of mystery that embraces the atmosphere you want to convey.


Cushions are also a great way to match the goth trend in your bedroom or living space. Choose rich fabrics like velvet, velour, satin and silk. These materials convey a real ‘boudoir’ effect that invites relaxation.

A gothic home can be inviting and opulent as well as a little on the dark side. A great way to envisage your final look is to imagine a lavish room within a dark and draughty castle….

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