Different Ways to Decorate with Animal Print Wallpapers

Different Ways to Decorate with Animal Print Wallpapers

Posted by Mineheart on 21st Jun 2021

It's not just a matter of fashion. It's not just that during the height of the pandemic in many European countries it was only possible to leave the house with a dog. People, who love animals, love them all the time, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. When you love them, you understand their magic, the dream, the ineffable moment, suggestion, enchantment and wonder.

You understand their surrealism, both when you share their space and when they occupy your walls on precious paper. They observe you, they give you energy. Animals are inexhaustible companions: their strength lies in the determination of their state, shown to you without any falsehood. If they are happy, joyful or sad you understand immediately.

I have three Chihuahuas, you cannot imagine the joy they give me, what serenity they offer with their impatient curiosity. Living with animals requires seriousness and commitment, but it is rewarded with unconditional love. Have you ever given a thought of bedroom wallpaper ideas that can make you feel more connected to your pets?

To find so many playmates like this on the animal wallpaper is a delirium of fantasy and relaxation. Not only George Clooney's piglet. Think of the Morris Dream piglet by Mineheart, a modern day tribute to the master wallpaper designer William Morris himself.

Dark Green Wallpaper

The animal wallpaper design is very much an observance of his work, but decorates with a modern twist. This animal wallpaper design was created specifically for the master bedroom in mind but can be used for any other rooms as well, taking its inspiration from sleep, dreams and fantasy to create a nice modification of a calming and familiar decoration.

From afar it could undoubtedly be erroneous for ordinary 19th Century classic wallpaper, but when you look more closely you can find surreal elements and other details related to siesta and the night sky, plus flying pigs levitating between clouds, and a moon munching bubblegum. If Mineheart had a dignified home, a mansion or a opulence hotel it would certainly use this animal wallpaper to furnish the rooms, and the colour palette incorporate Minty egg blue, Warm taupe, Peachy pink and grey, Pebble grey and Grey captain blue create an air of luxuriousness and splendour around your four poster bed, but not exactly as everyone expects!

Or we could rest on a dormeuse against a background of animal wallpaper that reminds us of an enchanted forest. In this case we are talking about Back to Nature wall paper by Mineheart, full of flying, terrestrial and crawling animals. It'll feel like we're living in a house on the blackbird, would you like that?

Orange Wallpaper

The Back to Nature is warming, spring-feeling wallpaper. This animal wallpaper design is filled of nature and naturally beautiful colours found in the animals and plants which surround us. In short, Back to Nature wallpapers are a multi-colour flowered and animal wallpaper with an ominous twist and a combination of nature and floral. This beautifully designed wallpaper with a nature theme is perfect animal wallpaper for your bedroom walls.

Courtney Brims designed the artwork, known for her thorough illustrations and drawings of animals where nothing is quite what it seems. In this animal wallpaper design rats, snakes, skeletons, moths and snails decorate the flowers and flowing vines in several stages of incompletion, the 'Back to Nature' wallpaper collection resonates with nature in both its design and making.

Are you ready to be drawn into a forest?

Nature Red Wallpaper

It doesn't matter whether you have a wood-roofed attic or an industrial loft. Just one wall is enough to immerse you in nature. And this means that animal wallpaper does not necessarily have to be placed in the living room. It could be placed in a bathroom decorated with dark tones and stone elements. Or it could be placed under a staircase around a fireplace, perhaps in wood. Maybe I would avoid the pantry (animals will be greedy for your food), but if you like copper pots or accessories made of raw materials, even a kitchenette can give you the feeling of cooking outdoors, even in a suburban studio apartment. Because animals are everywhere, and pets will follow you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth. They are fine anywhere, as long as they are near you.

Our planet needs oxygen, archaic, sometimes primitive suggestions. We need to rediscover Nature in our objects, even better on a wall. After the pandemic, we need to rediscover contact with the outside world, even by bringing it into our homes, in an energizing and vital synergy that survives fears and darkness. The walls must come to life, and who better than animals to accomplish this task?

Choosing animal wallpaper requires a strong personality. You could also dare to cover one room with animals and one with Mineheart silver tree wallpaper. The important thing, however, is to keep to the same tone in both papers, so as to give harmony to the environment. This is a very important point, because contrasts are often interesting, but you have to be careful with the patterns and colours of the wallpapers.

If in doubt, don't overdo the floor. A wall with animals will also look great as a contrast to a simple ecological concrete floor. The important thing is to always choose something that lets the environment breathe and your animals on the wall of course.