Decor trend alert - Peachy Interiors

Decor trend alert - Peachy Interiors

Posted by Faith McMath on 30th Aug 2021

One of the hot colour shades for 2021 is a peachy orange shade - a look that is very unfairly called ‘Granny Chic’ in some circles.

We love warm tones like this. You can make a bold style statement with a peach shade in your home. It works in any room, and is fabulous both as a feature colour or a full decor theme. Let’s take a look at some of Mineheart’s fruitiest, tastiest products to help you get on board with the peach trend.

Peach and Orange Wall art

Mineheart wall art spans the classic and modern, with styles to match every taste. The right piece of art can both set your colour scheme or complement it.

A perfect example of the peach shade that’s so on trend for 2021 is Orb of Pleasure Orange Lady. In this surreal wall canvas, a mysterious peach glow obscures the subject's head. This portrait has a hypnotic effect. With many paintings, the eyes are said to follow you around the room - well, that won't be happening here! Instead, that eerie glow keeps drawing your attention back.

Orb of pleasure Orange Lady

For another mysterious portrait with a peachy orange theme, see Orange and green butterfly on lady - where another genteel female has been obscured, this time by a beautiful butterfly. The effect is almost that she is wearing an elaborate mask or lorgnette.

For luxury wall art that is a little more abstract, Colours pink and orange is a great choice for this colour theme. It’s a piece of wall art that will keep you coming back - what’s hiding behind those swathes of peach?

Queen(Black)- Limited Edition Print

Or, if you want to make a bold statement in your home with a burst of peachy orange, perhaps Queen Black will be the perfect piece? This work by Agent X is a limited edition print, so don’t miss the chance to hang it on your wall.

Shape and Colour Lady is another vibrant option to bring shades of orange and peach into your home. This is an abstract design presenting a young lady from the Victorian era set in pebbles of yellow, orange and blue. Her face set in orange carries a look of anticipation, while the lower part of her body of bosom and arms is set within a blue pebble, which could illustrate her wish for loving care.

Peachy wallpaper

Our peach and orange wallpaper designs pack a fruity punch for your interior. Use for a feature wall or a full room design.

Floral Spring Peach and Orange Wallpaper

Perhaps the most perfect option for a peach theme is our Peach and Orange Floral Spring wallpaper - a botanical design created exclusively for Mineheart by artist Carolyn Jenkins. Inspired by vintage wallpaper designs in the style of William Morris, this floral wallpaper is warm, comforting and classic.

Another orangey option for your walls is our wonderful grey and orange feathers design - a designer wallpaper that brings a tactile texture to your walls. Perfect as a feature wall, you can use accessories and furnishings to highlight that orange accent amongst the feathers.

A bold and vibrant choice is the Orange Saudade wallpaper design. This wallpaper was designed to represent female empowerment - blending the image of a woman and flowers with a powerful weapon. A strong and meaningful design for any room in your home.

Morris Dream - Peachy Pink And grey Wallpaper

And don’t miss our Peachy Pink and Grey Morris Dream wallpaper. It’s a modern-day tribute to the master wallpaper designer William Morris. While celebrating his work, this design has a modern twist. From a distance it could easily be mistaken for a traditional 19th Century classic wallpaper, but when you look closer you discover surreal elements and details relating to sleep and the night sky... including flying pigs floating between clouds, and a moon chewing bubblegum!

Accessories with a touch of peach

The right accessories will bring your design theme to life. A well-chosen rug adds a whole new dimension to your space - and what could be more perfect for a peach theme than our Kashan remix peach rug?

Kashan Remix Peach Rug Renaissance Faux Cowhide Rug

This peachy piece of perfection is a modern take on the classic Persian rug. It blends traditional patterns with new shades, fading and blended colours to create something unique and fabulous. Its velvety pile will please your toes!

Another rug option with a peachy orangey flavour is the Emperor’s Dream Rug - bringing you the coveted Mineheart faux cowhide rug in a colour palette that will complement your decor. It’s like having a piece of art installed at your feet.

Peach lighting options

A crucial part of successful interior design is to make sure that every element of your room both complements and enhances your overall theme. Getting your lighting right is important - which is why our Kiki Pendant Lamp comes in six colour options to make sure that you get the perfect look for your room. Choose between gold, copper or amber to get the right shade to complement your decor.

KIKI Pendant lamp

A soft peachy touch

No interior theme is complete without a few cushions and soft details to complete the look. Our cushions are highly popular as a way to add an artistic twist to any space.

For a peach and orange theme there are a few options that will complement your colour scheme. First up is the unforgettable Princess Flaminia, the noble flamingo complete with tiara. She is ever popular as a statement for any sofa or chair.

Celia Cushion Isabella Cushion Grace Cushion

Take a look too at the Celia cushion - her peachy porcelain skin is a wonderful accent for a warm colour scheme, and will make an artistic and elegant statement in your space.

Or, for a stronger orange shade, consider the Isabella Cushion. This design takes fragments of a classic portraiture and introduces geometric lines to add contrast and juxtaposition. It’s a great way to add a little art to your interior.

Peach dreams

Whether you’re aiming for a peachy extravaganza as your new interior theme or a more subtle accenting approach, this is a hugely versatile shade that you will love. Mineheart is all for doing something a little bit different, so let us help you create a look that both pleases your eyes and reflects your personality. We have something for everyone! We look forward to seeing your designs on social media - just tag us in.