Best Bedroom Wallpapers for 2024

Best Bedroom Wallpapers for 2024

Posted by Mineheart on 3rd Feb 2024

Bedrooms are those places we go to at the end of the day. They are the spaces where we retreat to when we want to relax and recharge. It is thus necessary to approach the décor and design of these rooms with great care.

Your personal preferences should be your top priority when choosing a bedroom décor. This is vital for creating a space that is intimate and comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t consider the latest trends for inspiration.

Here’s what we expect to see in bedroom wallpaper for 2024.

Wallpaper Trends for 2024

There are various trends we expect to see in 2024 regarding bedroom wallpaper. Consider them while choosing your wall treatment.

Bold Prints

Wildflower Pattern Purple and Pinks Wallpaper

In the past, the trend was to shy away from large prints or bright colours in the bedroom. The general idea was that the bedroom is a place to rest and relax. Striking prints and colours were thought to be too stimulating.

2024 brings with it dramatic changes to traditional bedroom wallpaper ideas. Wallpaper is no longer just about setting the backdrop to the bedroom’s colour theme. It’s about adding interest. Keep your bedroom from looking boring by adding wallpaper with an original print.

Some Prints That Will Prove to Be Popular in 2024 Include:

  • Imitations of surfaces, e.g. brick wallpaper bedroom prints.
  • Geometric motifs such as circles, points, zigzags, and lines.
  • Maritime themes, e.g. anchors, boats, and seagulls.
  • Plants and flowers including large prints of leaves or smaller prints of flowers in varying tones
  • Art wallpaper which consists of drawings or paintings

Combining different shades

If prints aren’t your thing, you can add interest in your bedroom by combining different shades of wallpaper. Create an accent wall with a bolder hue and go with lighter or more muted tons for other walls.

Grey/ Turquoise, Rose, Marine Panelling Wallpaper

Combining textures

Another great way to add interest in your bedroom is by combining different textures, which is more complex than it sounds. There are various factors to consider. These include the height and size of the room and the thickness of the wallpaper.

You may see trends such as using two or more types of bedroom wallpaper that have vertical stripes. Such a combination will increase the area of the bedroom and is great for bedrooms with low ceilings.

Bedroom wallpaper colour trends for 2024

In The Clouds Wallpaper

Colour is one of the most important factors when deciding amongst bedroom wallpaper ideas. Whether you’re going for bold prints or combined textures, the final effect of the wallpaper will vary depending on the colour of the wallpaper.

Some colours we expect to be a hit in 2024 include:

Grey bedroom wallpaper is becoming a favourite. This is mostly because of the influence of clean and minimal Scandinavian styles in interior décor.

One of the best things about using grey bedroom wallpaper is its versatility. You can combine this colour with various other shades, including burgundy, purple, blue, and green. It creates a fabulous backdrop for creative and original interiors. We expect to see more use of this shade complemented with bright furniture and decorative pieces.

Forest of silver trees

Many people avoid using black in their bedrooms, especially if they are small. It was once considered a taboo to use black bedroom wallpaper. However, 2024 will see an increase in the use of black and white in the bedroom to create an element of contrast. Using these colours in combination with light-coloured furniture creates a touch of luxury, with a modern twist. Add a touch of fun and colour with brightly coloured art pieces and decor elements.

Almost White Concrete Loveletter Wallpaper

Pink is no longer a colour reserved for girls bedroom wallpaper. In 2024, we expect to see more use of pink bedroom wallpaper. However, this is not the traditional pink shades. The use of pale pastel pink shades is gaining interest.

Dusty rose is especially great for creating a luxurious feel in the bedroom. This shade of pink combined with shades such as coral, beige, gold, and grey will create a warm and calming environment that is the perfect place to rest and recharge.

Dusty pink clouds wallpaper

  • Gold

Gold is set to make a return in 2024. This classic wallpaper is ideal for giving a touch of luxury. The shade is perfect for both small and large bedrooms. Use it on an accent wall to create interest. The bright wallpaper will make a small bedroom appear more spacious. It’s also a great way to make a room appear brighter.

Combine the gold wallpaper with rich dark wood or light-coloured beddings for an elegant finish.

Gold Wallpapers

  • Beige

Beige is another classic wallpaper colour that is set to make a comeback in 2024. It fits well with just about any interior scheme and easily blends with a variety of contrasting colours. This colour will help to create a warm and calming environment. It can be used to make a small room look larger while making a larger room look comfortable and inviting.

If you plan to change the look and feel of your bedroom in the coming year, you may consider some of the suggestions above for creating a restful retreat. Don’t be afraid to combine different shades and textures or add printed wallpaper for an inspiring space. 

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