Be Our Guest: 8 Great Tips to Create a Very Welcoming Guest Room

Be Our Guest: 8 Great Tips to Create a Very Welcoming Guest Room

Posted by Mineheart on 18th Feb 2021

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If you are the kind who welcome guests and transient travelers often, it is imperative to have a welcoming guest room. Luckily, you do not have to do anything out of this world to achieve that. All you need to do is follow these eight decorating tips:

Stick to a neutral palette

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Before you decorate your guest room, think about the palette you want for your guest bedroom. If you can't think of color palettes' ideas, you can't go wrong with sticking to a neutral palette for your guest bedroom. It is not too eccentric, but it can still manage to be warm and welcoming. Remember that your color palette will set the direction in how you will decorate your guest room. This includes the paint colors you will use, the colors of beddings and linens, and the decor you would like to add.

However, the color of your walls will be the first thing to think about. The easiest way to color your walls is by getting neutral wallpapers up. This Classico Paisley Texture wallpaper is both neutral and straightforward. Yet, it has enough personality to make it interesting for your guest room.

Keep furniture minimal

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Minimalism is a trend that has its place in the world of interior decorating, and it is less likely to go away anytime soon. With that said, for your guest room, it is going to be quite useful if you keep the furniture minimal in your guest room.

Since the room is there to welcome guests, you want to stick to the essential furniture pieces there. Aside from the bed, you should have a lamp, a nightstand, and a small chair. A small bench in front of the bed can also help your guests serve as a luggage holder. If you have the extra space, you might also want to consider adding a vanity in there. If your floor is not carpeted, you should also get a stylish rug inside the bedroom to look warmer.

Shop for good quality linen

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Even if the guest room might not be a private bedroom that you sleep in, it is still a nice touch to shop for good quality linen. Low-quality bedding can be a massive deterrent for guests when they sleepover in your house. If you care enough about having guests over, you might as well invest in good quality linens.

There are a lot of good quality linen out there that do not have to be expensive. As long as it is pleasant to sink yourself into or does not feel like you are sleeping on the cheapest linens on Earth, it will be good quality.

Ensure ample lighting

KIKI Pendant lamp    KIKI Pendant lamp   KIKI Pendant lamp

If some parts of your house are poorly lit, it can make the space seem gloomy and uninviting to your guests. That's why, if you want to create a very welcoming guest room, make sure to pay special attention to the lighting level in the guest room. With ample lighting inside the guest room, it will give freshness and lightness to make people feel at home.

Of course, aside from the lighting level, you also might want to get an attractive lighting fixture in the guest room. A simple pendant lighting like this KIKI Pendant lamp can add a simple but elegant touch to a room. This can make your guest room feel like a more elevated space.

Think about scent

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One thing that you might not think about when it comes to creating a pleasant first impression on your guests would be the smell of your home.

However, taking the extra step to make your home smell enjoyable is an additional step that your guests will appreciate. It is something different that will make your home more elevated than before. If you do not use the guest room often, making it smell pleasant will be a crucial step that you should not skip.

When making your guest room smell good, do not lay it on too thick. Otherwise, you are going to do the opposite of what you meant to do. A scented candle or light spraying of pleasant room spray will be enough to help you with that.

Stock up on common toiletries

Even if your guests will bring their toiletries with them, make sure that you stock up on common toiletries for them anyway.

You do not have to add anything fancy toiletries; the standard ones will suffice. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste should be the basics that you provide for your guests. You can leave these inside their room, which can be a part of the welcome basket you would have for your guests.

Keep the guest room clean

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Refrain from adding too much decor to create a welcoming guest room. Before decorating and stocking up the guest room, you first need to ensure the guest room's cleanliness overall.

By taking the time to clean the guest room, you communicate that you pay importance to your house's cleanliness and the well-being of your guests.

You should take the time to clean it thoroughly, especially if you do not often use the guest room. You would not want your guests to discover your mess, would you?

Fill the side table with reading material

Sometimes, your guests would want to stay inside the guest room and relax there. Leave some reading material by the side table can help keep them entertained without you intruding into their time. You can add a variety of reading material, like general magazines or books that reflect your tastes. This can also be a conversation starter for your guests.

Wrapping it Up

A very welcoming guest room is simple to do if you focus your efforts on the right things. You can consider hiring a professional cleaning company, like Planet Maids, to help create a wonderful and clean environment for your guests.

With that said, if you invite guests over a lot, the tips above should help make your guest room one of the best second home experiences for your guests. If you want to be the best host ever, these tips will surely help you create the best experience for your guests ever.