A Geometric Glittery Wallpaper Design With A Diamond Pattern

A Geometric Glittery Wallpaper Design With A Diamond Pattern

1st Nov 2019

This geometric wallpaper provides a unique touch with a gentle shimmer to it’s design. This glistening wallcovering details a small diamond shaped pattern with a metallic finish, and is available in five colour ways: white, cream, light pink, grey and French green. A small and subtle diamond pattern with slight embossing for an elegant touch to your interior scheme.

Moderna Diamond Stitch wallpaper -Grey

A metallic grey wallpaper with diamond pattern

A grey with glitter wallpaper design showing a diamond stitch pattern - great for those classic grey interior schemes!

Moderna Diamond Stitch wallpaper - Light Pink

A Dusty Light Pink Wallpaper with a diamond pattern

A light rose pink with warming glitter touches.  This design shows a delicate, subtle diamond pattern on the wallpaper - ideal for girls bedroom decor!

Moderna Diamond Stitch wallpaper - French Green

Green wallpaper with a diamond pattern

A light green patterned wallpaper that is almost rustic in it's design. Patches of a french antique green added with glitter to the geometric design of the diamond stitch.

Moderna Diamond Stitch wallpaper - White

White diamond patterned wallpaper

A peaceful wallpaper design for a minimal interior. This slight pattern of diamonds is given a shimmery touch with the added white glitter.

Moderna Diamond Stitch wallpaper - Cream

Warm cream patterned wallpaper with diamond design

This cream and white glitter wallpaper is a step up from the white patterned wallpaper.  Not quite a plain wallpaper, with it's more prominent small diamond stitch and warm creamy hues.