8 Pinterest Accounts to Kickstart your Office Design Inspiration

8 Pinterest Accounts to Kickstart your Office Design Inspiration

Posted by Mineheart on 13th May 2021

We know how hard it can be to keep up to date with so many new trends while still running a demanding business. Time can run short and you might even feel a little fear of taking the wrong step when styling your office. But don’t worry, we have selected for you some top notch styles with really impressive office design inspiration without the costs of having an interior designer.

With Mineheart’s top pick Pinterest accounts, full of office design inspiration for your new office decor and our super 2021 Office Design Ideas (insert link to content cluster article) you will be ready for an office revamp!

1. Modern Office Architecture & Interior Design Community 

Modern Office Architecture & Interior Design

This is the place to find some really impressive architecture and office design inspiration. With over 6.86k followers, Modern Office Architecture & Interior Design Community account has 58 group members collaborating with an amazing selection of ideas, projects and details. They aim to make the most of any office space with creative office storage to converting unused small spaces into office nooks for those looking for a small sanctuary if quite.

Ekimetrics Office designed by Estelle Vincent Architecture is one of the many offices highlighted in this community. Photo: Arnaud Schelstraete (Archdaily)

2. Eastlake Studio

Conference room

Conference room in one of Eastlake Studio’s projects

Eastlake Studio is a Chicago based architecture and interior design firm focused on creating great places to work, play and live. Their Pinterest account features several projects, including open office design, flexible spaces and contemporary office solutions.

They have a big focus on office furniture and lighting to make sure those big open plan designs look amazing and not just empty cavernous spaces.

Modern reception area

Office design inspiration: reception area with earth elements and wall coverings that resemble mineral layers

3. Young & Battaglia 

Young & Battaglia’s Pinterest

Full of bright ideas, Young & Battaglia’s Pinterest account is a treasure on interior design and office design inspirations

Young & Battaglia is a design studio founded by two designers who currently work in Cambridge UK: Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. Their Pinterest account is filled with clever room decor ideas to choose from, including interesting wallpapers, whimsical wall art choices and not-so-common rugs and cushions to give your office space some bliss.

contemporary office style

Office design inspirations: lounge ideas for a contemporary office style

4. M Moser Associates

Welcoming cafeteria space

Welcoming cafeteria space by interior decorators M Moser Associates: central hub in an informal office space for casual coffee meetings and lunches

M Moser Associates is a global design company that creates innovative office design projects focusing on the people who inhabit the workplace. Their aim is to project, design and build “happier, healthier and more productive places to be”.

flexible working space

Office design inspiration in Beijing: movable furniture to provide flexible working spaces and a teamwork environment.

5. Emanuele Pangrazi 

Balloons wallpaper

Balloons wallpaper designed by Emauele Pangrazi

Emauele Pangrazi has a Pinterest account filled with wallpaper ideas for the perfect office design. He is an Italian designer known for his studio, Mater, where “observations, memories, values, circulate freely in a flow of ideas and solutions''.

Twist Wallpaper

Lovely wallpaper choices that will pair up perfectly with your stylish Barcelona chair - Twist Wallpaper

6. Office Snapshots

office snapshots

Many ideas from offices around the globe

With over 98.4k followers and more than 10 million monthly views, Office Snapshots is a place to find snapshots of offices from around the world. They curate new projects and showcase trending offices to serve as inspiration to the office design community, being “part magazine, part platform, part database”. Time to take a look at some of their findings!

Healthcare inspired office

Healthcare inspired office project for a medical device company by Setter Architects, one of the many projects pinned at Office Snapshots’ Pinterest

 7. Kirin Young 

Sepia Bookshelf Wallpaper

Sepia Bookshelf Wallpaper: bring some antique elegance to any office wall

Kirin Young is an artist, graphic designer and photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Some really interesting things can be found on his board “Nice” on Pinterest, where pinned his choices on rugs, wallpapers, lamps, desks and chairs which can inspire a whole new office mood with some simple changes.

rug, chairs and wallpaper

Office ideas: rugs, wallpaper and chairs pinned by Kirin Young

8. Charles Rose Architects 

Vibrancy and sophistication

Vibrancy and sophistication in a contemporary work environment at the law offices of Feinberg-Hanson LLP by Charles Rose Architects

Charles Rose Architects is an American architecture, planning and interiors studio based in Massachusetts. Their Pinterest board showcases some contemporary office design interiors, as well as modern home office designs and building projects. Inspiring ideas to check out!

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

Office space designed for Rhythm Pharmaceuticals: natural materials, wall art and interesting furniture choices for a contemporary look